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    Help making an email signature

    Hi, I hope this is now ok for you.
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    Change gif color

    Hi. I can make it any other colour just not white, sorry.
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    Help making an email signature

    Is this one any better. Again, please click on the picture to view the animation.
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    headshot edits

    Removed my picture due to looking back and thinking, you know what, that dont look quite right :-)
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    Help making an email signature

    I have made something for you. How does this look ? NOTE: Click on the image to view the animation !
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    Help making an email signature

    would it not be easier to add two images to your email as your signature. finding a .gif image on google would work and add your logo underneath ? It is possible to do your request but not sure if it will benefit all that much !
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    Can someone make youtube banner and logo?

    Some more information would be a good help. Logo idea's, colours, size etc...
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    Greyscale effect.

    How are these
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    Help changing background

    How does this look ?
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    Photo editing of blue fieball

    Hi. How does this look ?
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    Need a Fence and Shed inserted

    Hi. I had a look at this one. I came up with something quick before work. Someone may way to change the fence to white to watch the fence at the back.
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    Transparent Background Help

    yes of course, please see my image. 1. Select the circle tool 2. Select from the drop down option and choose fixed size 3. Enter the size you want 4. The just click on the page and Hey Presto your circle appears
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    Transparent Background Help

    Hi. The image i have uploaded above is transparrent. click on the image and save as. You will see then the background is clear. The websites post background is white, thats why it looks like it has a white background. See below for example. What i done was using the Eclipse tool to make a...
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    Transparent Background Help

    Hi. I have filled this for you. PNG attached. I simply created a circle of the same size, and added a new layer behind the globe and filled it with white. with your instructions, a simple way would be to do step 3 again and make another layer and fill it with white. make the image on a...
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    Trap Time

    Cheers Sam. PM Sent :-)
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    Trap Time

    Hi. I have not disabled my private message. I will send you a PM now. Regards Ben EDIT: I tried too but get this message: vBulletin MessageEkmeh has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her...
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    New Logo

    Something i was playing with, Ill have another look later this evening.
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    Would appreciate restoration of this picture.

    I got round to finishing mine and this was what i came up with
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    Would appreciate restoration of this picture.

    I've made a few touch ups before work, here is where i got to before leaving.