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    Retouch Just some Retouches

    Google images is a starting point for so many things lol. I'm always looking for untouched images to practice with.
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    Retouch Just some Retouches

    Various retouch/edits from different points in time. . Always learning :)
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    Photoshop now wants me to save to Cloud. how to I tun that off.?

    Edit > Preferences > File Handling > In the file saving options section you will see "Default File Location", change it to "On Your Computer"
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    Graphic card for Photoshop 2022

    Personally I'm an nVidia fan but in general I would say, "get the best you can afford". Any current card on the market from ATI or nVidia should do just fine. YMMV but with my nVidia card I had to do the following for the best results. Disable G-Sync if your monitor supports it. Having it...
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    Hi all

    New here but not new to PS or image editing/retouching. I have been retouching since the late 80's, starting with Newtek's Digipaint on my Amiga 500. Started with Ps sometime in the early 90's and been an Adobe product whore since. Even with all that I'm still learning new techniques and tools...