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    New tool for web designing?

    Is there any other tool, more better than Photoshop for giving various effects in an image and also which is used for designing purpose. Please suggest anybody...
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    How to increase image ?

    How to increase the size of an image in Photoshop without losing its quality. Please share your views...
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    Div Tags or Tables?

    What according to you is more better and easy, code using div layouts or tables layouts for designing. Please share your opinion...
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    What web design software can I use that is compatible with both mac and windows?

    I am new web design, I am using smart space by Go Daddy but really don't like it. I would love to find the right web design software (studio) to use and then just upload to Go Daddy with a FTP client. Please help?
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    Designing a Good Website Design

    What rules I need to follow before designing a good site. And shall I go for professional web design company.
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    Graphi Design

    Today I have read an article some where. According to the article graphic design is basically some images which may look real or fake. Is it true ? If so then is there any necessity to spend money on graphic design if I want to build the site for seo purpose. As seo is nothing but to exploring...
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    Selection of webdesign company

    What are the basic things that I need to consider before selecting any web design company.
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    Needs for web designing

    For education related sites what theme I should select.