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  1. About 11 Sharks

    Paid $15 Add snow & match fg and bg

    I want the photo to look like a good amount of snow was tossed onto the bed, especially wanting some coming from under the blanket. Also making it for color-wise better with the Bg.
  2. About 11 Sharks

    Specific Recolor/remove

    Can someone turn 3 of these character cards red? It doesn't matter which ones. Also if possible, removing the districts from right below them.
  3. About 11 Sharks

    Specific Slushy Road

    Looking to have a slush pile a few feet tall running across the lanes.
  4. About 11 Sharks

    Specific Transparent Backgrounds

    Can this photo have a transparent background around the character? Mod Edit: One edit per request. Please read rules.
  5. About 11 Sharks

    Paid Abandoned Library

    $10 I'm looking to get this building looking abandoned (vines & worn out) as well as being surrounded by trees. First time posting into the paid forum, so giving it a try. Would like this done by tomorrow night if possible.
  6. About 11 Sharks

    Specific From a Dream

    I would like this coat rack to be set into the cave cutout in place of the piece currently in the square. From a hilarious dream 😆 Some clothes can be left out if space is needed, but preferably keep in the Purples and pinks.
  7. About 11 Sharks

    Specific House on a Hill

    Thank you for fixing it up!
  8. About 11 Sharks

    Specific House on a Hill

    Maybe one like this, but just replacing the house for the metal one
  9. About 11 Sharks

    Specific House on a Hill

    The house is spot on! For the background, do you think you could put one with just grass, without shrubbery or many trees? Maybe with the house sitting higher up? If not that's totally fine and I appreciate the quick work
  10. About 11 Sharks

    Specific House on a Hill

    I was hoping to get this house altered to be made to look silver (metallic looking), with the roof color and doors changed to a darker grey. I would like it to be up on a peaceful secluded hill. This is my first request and would love to have it done!