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    Specific Object removal

    Hi all! i wonder if anyone could work their magic and remove any of the chairs/umbrellas directly behind me? Not expecting them all but Whatever is possible! Thank you!!
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    Specific Brighten face/photo

    Hi all! Could anyone work their magic and brighten my face up a bit please :) thank you!!
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    Specific Eyes and smile!

    Hi all! Not sure if I’m asking for a miracle here but here goes.. Could it be so the girl on the left is smiling and the girl in the middle isn’t squinting so bad?! (First photo) I will also add some other photos of them in the hope that helps! thank you so much!
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    Specific Person removal

    Could someone please remove the guy directly to the left of my boyfriend? The guy won’t be happy I post this with him in 🤣 thank you!
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    Specific Reflection

    Hi all! Would it please be possible to remove the person in the reflection of the mirror please? Thanks In advance! Xxx
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    Specific Glass removal

    Hi all, could anyone please remove the glass that’s between my legs? 🤣 thank you!! Xx
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    Specific Person/object removal

    Hi again! Apologies I posted two edits in my other post, here is the other photo I’m looking to have the person and the bin removed from either side of me please 😊 thank you x
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    Specific Object removal 😊

    Hi guys! I’m looking to have the table on the right of me removed in the photo of me and my partner. Thanks in advance 😊 xx Mod edit: One edit per request
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    Specific Object removal and brighten

    Hi all! Could anyone work their magic and remove the black pipe from the wall and clean up the floor a bit 🤣 And maybe brighten the imagine up abit? Thanks in advance 😁 x
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    Specific Person removal :)

    Hi all :) could someone please remove the lady in pink in the middle of me and my friend? Thank you so much!
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    Specific Object removal

    Hi all! Could someone please work their magic and potentially remove the benches in the background? Or at least the umbrellas and the objects on the table I’m sat at? And maybe the shadow or my friend 🙈 Thank you in advance! 😁
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    Specific Person removal

    Hi again, could someone also remove the guy from the background! Thank you 😊
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    Specific People removal

    Hi all! Would someone please be able to remove the two people in the background? Thank you! Xx
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    Specific Harry Potter world edit :)

    Hi all 😁 just wondered if it would be possible to make it look like I was a bit closer to touching the hippogriff? Like he’s stretched forward a bit more or something 😁 and maybe remove the phone from my pocket please? thanks in advance! Xx
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    Specific Tree removal

    Hi all! Could someone please work their magic and try to remove the dead tree in the left of these photos? Even if it’s just cropped to show more of the sky 😁 this is my 18 year old cat Tango she’s been poorly but doing better now and absolutely loves the sunshine! Thanks in advance xxx
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    Specific Cartoonize dogs

    Hi all 😁 I was wondering if anyone could please work their magic and cartoonize (or something similar) this photo of my dogs? Thanks in advance!
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    Specific Removing men :)

    Hi all :) could anybody please help me with removing any of the guys from the left background? Thank you!
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    Specific Remove person from photo / swap person

    Hi all! I am looking to have the 5th person along removed from the group photo (from left to right). If possible I would also like a second version with him removed but replaced with a different face (one is for serious purposes and one is more a joke for my friend). I know someone can work...
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    Specific Object removal :)

    Hi all! Could someone please help me in removing the items around the dog? Towel/bag/legs please? Thank you! Xx
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    Specific Object removal :)

    hi all! Could someone please remove the lifering in the background? Thank you so much!