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    Magic Wand Tool

    Hello All, When using the magic wand tool, I used to be able to select and area then hold the shift key & select other areas also, I can't seem to do this now, have I got something selected that I don't know about, thank you Graeme
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    Van Signage

    Hello All, I am oing a decal template for a van, I have the logos and have put them in place, is there a layer mode that would show the shape of the van under the decals? Not to sure if I have expalined that well enough! Graeme
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    Menu Bar & Tool Bar

    Thank you, I could only see Reset Essentials, but it did the trick
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    Menu Bar & Tool Bar

    Hello All, New memeber here, thnkyou for allwong me join, for some reason my menu & tool bar have become unlocked & both are seperate from the main screen, some times they hide behind, know it sounds silly but I would like it to be as it were, Thank you. graeme