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    Specific Remove quads from background

    Is it possible to remove the people from the background?
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    Specific Remove person from background

    Hi all, can someone please remove the guy to my left? Forever grateful!
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    Specific Remove waterbottle

    Hi there, Can someone remove the waterbottle from my hand? And maybe those two people too if it looks better for the photo… many thanks!
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    Specific Please remove messy background

    Hi everyone, can some guru maybe clean up the messy background? Like delete the stuff that is lying on the ground. forever grateful!
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    Specific The gum and the tummy

    Hello, Is it possible to photoshop the gum out of my mouth and maybe delete the rolls on my stomach and make it a bit flatter? Much apprecation!
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    Specific Remove people from background

    Is it possible to remove some people from the background? I think this will be quite hard, but then again: i’m not a guru. Forever thankful!
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    Specific Remove people from the background

    Hi gurus! is it possible to remove that little group of people in the right top corner? forever grateful!
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    Specific Dark photos with lights

    I made some photos with my camera in Vietnam, playing with the shutter speed. I think I have some cool photos now, but i’m really bad at the editing and don’t know which is prettiest to edit. Can someone please make something beautiful out of this? Forever grateful!
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    Specific Remove people in the background

    Hi! Is it possible to remove people (or just the woman and man on the right at least) in the background? Thanks!
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    Specific Shadow on my dress

    Can someone please edit out the shadow on my dress? I tried myself but it looks awful 😫