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    Difference between Photoshop brush cursor size and actual brush size

    This video might answer your question regarding the difference between cursor size and brush size.
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    Difference between Photoshop brush cursor size and actual brush size

    Please go to Brush Settings (Window>Brush Settings> select). When it shows up, check if any other settings are on for the brush? Also, check the properties of the Wacom Tablet brush tip. Let us know. Also, tell us how your normal mouse is functioning as a cursor on PS?
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    Specific Copy and paste between photos

    You are welcome, @wendytcake Now that I know the pic was from Scotland, I had to add Nessie in - just for fun.
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    Specific Vector logo Needed.

    Here is a sample in PDF format with Watermarks.
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    Specific Vector logo Needed.

    Because when it comes to logos, copyright rules kick in. The members who want to attempt the request just need to be certain they are not involving themselves in any infringements. I was making an attempt on it without knowing that this is a registered logo. I could not get the exact font...
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    Specific Copy and paste between photos

    I see that your other picture request has been completed. Hence, I attempted the other one. Lovely picture.
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    Specific Edit a logo please!

    I would like to help you, but I am apprehensive about changing a logo which maybe copyrighted. Hence, I provide you a better resolution free download transparent logo here: ...and also provide you the Blue colour background with requested text here: Hope that helps. If you need to edit, the...
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    Paid URGENT! Need to cheat in a class!

    It is probably not against the forum rules to request or to process the request - especially not in the Paid section. The members should be using discretion on what to work on and what to avoid.
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    Help on how to properly white balance a picture

    When the pointer under the Histogram is shifted completely to the left and you see a white image, as you move the pointer towards the right, the first black mark you observe is going to be where you would drop the EyeDropper. I noticed the following at around 15, and I could have used either of...
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    Specific Remove reflection

    One more option for you...
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    Paid $100 to best submission. For a Christmas Card. Im a gunsmith and an arms dealer.

    Call me sceptic, but the nick name, the price, the new account - all look only too familiar. Some excellent submissions in this thread. Nice work, everyone.
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    Specific Remove flowers

    Vase of flowers is out of the photo.
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    Specific Baby’s first family Christmas photo

    Replaced the baby's face and replaced the guy's hand holding the baby.
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    Specific My friend VS trogdor?

    That is excellently done. You also put up the flame endings, which looks nice transitioning well into the picture at the bottom. However, if you want to improve it a tiny little more, please extend the 'tongues of flame' that you did so well on the left side to the right side as well - so as to...
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    Paid Can someone put pants/jeans on this Pokémon lol?

    ...I thought this person had finally given GROWN up.
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    Specific My friend VS trogdor?

    Here is an attempt: