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    Specific Can you please remove the fences. Thank you so much....

    Hi, can you please remove the fences behind me. If you can help me out, it will be really kind of you. Thanking you so much.
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    Specific Can you please make my nails look a little more pleasing? Thank you

    My nails look dirty and not pleasing. So if you could make it a little more pleasing. (If you could polish/brush/heal etc. because it looks kinda dirty) Thank you so much
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    Specific can u please make the picture look prettier

    Hi, the environment and the atmosphere of this picture does not look so, can you please make it look prettier by tweaking around here n there, and maybe changing the vibes and the atmosphere. Thanking you
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    Specific Can you please match the skin tone?

    Hey, if you could please match the skin tone of the girl, with the boy's skin tone. And if you could please do some extra details to make the faces more realistic. eg. shadows, lightings etc.