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    How to create this effect?

    Any idea how to make the edit in the middle of this photo? Anyone know how to make the little green distortion underneath the Bulls vs Heat text of the picture. It doesn't even have to be that specific color. If anyone knows the font that'd be cool as well. Thanks
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    how to make photos stop before a rectangle?

    Example: I know how to make the diagonal line with the rounded rectangle tool. here's my artboard. Is it possible to have that photo stop once it touches the diagonal line? Thanks.
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    how to split/angle multiple pictures?

    This seems somewhat simple to make but i don't know how to split a photo up into fours or trios -- then angle the photos. It looks like the end of each picture at the angle has a blended colorless stroke? how do i complete that? Thank you.
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    How To Create This Border?

    how do i make a border like this around the corners of the thumbnail?
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    how to make this octagon shape

    how can I create that octagon shape on the side? thanks.
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    How to achieve this blue background and arrow background

    1.) How does one make this blue background effect on the side ? Mod edit: Please don't upload (implied) lewd language here, this is a family oriented forum. 2. And this is the similar to the first picture but with a dynamic arrow or greater than sign. How is this made? Didn't want to...
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    help with making/finding this shape in custom shape tool

    How does one achieve the ferris wheel type effect in the background? Also if you skip to 0:12(the video is in fast foward motion unfortunately but if you pause a couple times and look you can see he goes to custom shape tool and the shape he has is a ferris wheel type shape and he makes overlay...