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  1. J

    Photoshop CS6 troubleshooting

    Good afternoon, and first of all my thanks as ever to all who have helped me, and still keep on helping me, after all these years. My problem: suddenly Photoshop CS6 won't open. This has never happened to me before. Can you kindly suggest a step-by-step easy method to solve this problem...
  2. J

    Background blur

    Can you, please, let me know of a simple way to blur background in Photoshop CS6? Preferably step-by-step directions, not a video tutorial, if you don't mind. In this context, what does the refine edge tool do, and how to use it? Also, how to invert a selection? Many thanks in advance for your...
  3. J

    Specific Perspective Correction

    How to use the perspective correction panel shown in this photo, please? I am on Photoshop CS6. If it's not too much trouble, could you kindly send me step-by-step directions? If you cannot do this, perhaps you can send me a video with printed text on it? The printed text is very important...
  4. J

    Perspective Control in Photosohp CS6

    Good evening. Can anyone, please, let me have a straightforward method for perspective control in Photoshop CS6? If possible, step-by-step directions, without much technicalities. I use an easy method, as follows, but its scope is rather limited, because it doesn't really straighten a leaning...
  5. J

    Photoshop toolbar

    Have lost the Photoshop CS 6 toolbar (NOT the toolbox menu). How tot retrieve it, please? Thank you in advance for your help. Joseph Busuttil
  6. J

    Photoshop toolbox menu

    The icons in the toolbox menu for Photoshop CS6 have suddenly become too small, and if I enlarge the toolbox by using the Ctrl button, many of them vanish. How to solve this problem, please? I use Windows 10 and an ACER laptop Aspire E 15 Many thanks in advance for your kind help. Joe Busuttil
  7. J

    Unnatural color on my images in Photoshop CS6

    Cannot find out why all the photos in Pictures folder have a faint greenish tinge which greatly reduces the vibrancy of the images which hasve been shot in broad daylight. How to recover the natural colors of these images? I use Photoshop CS6 and my PC is on Windows 10. Many thanks in advance...
  8. J

    Perspective control with photoshop CS6

    Would like to find a straightforward method for adjusting perspective in pictures with photoshop CS6. Not many technical terms, please, and complex navigation, and, if you don't mind, step-by-step directions, as I find it hard to follow video tutorials. How, for example, to arrange perspective...
  9. J

    Drying prints

    .Can anyone help, please; I am lost ! My black-and-white prints will not dry after more than three days from printing date. This has never happened to me before. Have checked my ink levels, and they are ok. Could it be that my ink cartridge has been in the printer too long? I use Photoshop...
  10. J


    Sometimes I am told that a photo cannot be edited unless it is rasterized. How to rasterize, please? Can you kindly send me step-by-step directions, not video, please, as I find it hard to follow video tutorials, and particularly to record or memorize them. I use a laptop, Windows 10, and...
  11. J

    Automatic perspective control

    Can you please let me know how to automatically correct perspective with Photoshop CS6? If possible, please send me step-by-step instructions, not merely a video as, at age 79, I find it difficult to memorize the steps on a video without a text accompanying it. Thanks in advance for your help...
  12. J

    Supercharge the clone stamp tool

    How to supercharge the clone stamp tool in Photoshop? I have found a tutorial on a website, but unfortunately I couldn't quite follow the video, as it's too fast and I am hard of hearing, and a slow learner at my age. Can you kindly send me step-by-step directions please? Not a video, if...
  13. J

    Desktop problem

    My desktop icons will not open because the usual dropdown menu for opening them suddenly omits the word OPEN. This happened after I entered a date on the desktop with the Photoshop CS6 type tool. Could this have caused the problem? I have tried to delete the date but did not succeed. I have a...
  14. J

    "Step Backward" in Photoshop CS6

    How to increase the number of times that "Step Backward" can be used when editing a photo in Photoshop CS6? Is it enough to enter the desired number in "History States"? Thank you in advance for your help. JoeJ
  15. J

    Sepia in Photoshop CS6

    Can you please let me have a simple method for turning colour photos to sepia with Photoshop CS6? Many thanks in advance. JoeJ
  16. J

    Photoshop won't open

    All of a sudden Photoshop will not open. I usually print my photos after opening the thumbnails in PICTURES with Photoshop CS6. This is no longer possible. Why? Thanks in advance for helping an elderly Photoshop newbie. Joe
  17. J

    Oil paint

    The oil paint filter in Photoshop CS6 doesn't work anymore. When I click on it, I get the following message: "This feature requires graphics processor acceleration. Please check the Performance Preferences and verify that "Use Graphics Processor" is enabled. " Where to find the Performance...
  18. J

    Scanned document won't be imported

    Am having a problem with importing a scanned document. Usually the document is automatically imported, enabling me to open it with Photoshop CS6. Now, as soon as scanning is completed, the screen jumps back to the desktop----and leaves me at a dead end! Can you help, please? As an addendum, I...
  19. J


    Have come across VueScanx64, a tool to enable me to edit in WORD a text that has been scanned on my flatbed scanner hp3970. This tool is said to be compatible with Windows 10, as the flatbed scanner is not fit for purpose without applying VueScanx64. The attached 5 images are self-explanatory...
  20. J


    Can you please let me know if FACEAWARELIQUIFY can be used with PHOTOSHOP CS6? And is it pricey? Thank you in advance. Joe