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  1. colleague

    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    This month's theme is: Cyborgs “Humans must become cyborgs if they are to stay relevant in a future ...” So let us make a cyborg with photoshop for this challenge of the month It can be only the head , or it can be a whole lot more Here are a few examples of what it can look like...
  2. colleague

    Challenge#64 "Bring some color "

    Hi, the theme for this challenge is "Bring some color " we did such a challenge before, but that's already some time ago You can choose between 2 images that are creative commons licenced Good luck to all...
  3. colleague

    chop shop week 8 competition

    let's have fun in this contest with smart objects I give some examples with smart objects and the game is to change the smart object in an other image and show the result you can change the smart object by dubbleclicking on the miniature , change and save again example 1 you can change car ...
  4. colleague

    chop shop week 6 competition

    let's do some tuning and pimping a car this week maybe one of these tutorials 20+ Car Pimping and Tuning Photoshop Tutorials you can choose a car you like but maybe show before and after have fun :)
  5. colleague

    chop shop week 3 competition

    change this car picture in something you like :)
  6. colleague

    Greetings from Belgium

    Hi everyone greetings from Belgium photo-shopping is my hobby hope to have fun and learn something new