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  1. Pipsmom

    Looking to kill a Trojan

    Somehow day before yesterday I have picked a up a trojan. I noticed it first when in PS select and mask the lag delay was horrible and external hard drive ran all the time even when while not in use...... I knew something was amiss. I have inspected everything I know how to do, typed in the...
  2. Pipsmom

    Photo Manipulation Homestead

    Boring Saturday, so I had some fun practicing cut outs on a composite After
  3. Pipsmom

    Guess the Macro 33

    This should be a easy one
  4. Pipsmom

    Guess the Macro 29

    My turn Have fun guessing :giggle:
  5. Pipsmom

    Guess the Macro 26

    Made a challenging one
  6. Pipsmom

    Lest We Forget

    For all our servicemen long ago and today......We Salute You for all that you gave
  7. Pipsmom

    Guess the Macro 23

  8. Pipsmom

    Brain Block

    Two weeks, two loooong weeks and still I can't unlock my brain to make anything creative on PS...... A thread earlier today inspired me to make a picture of that state of mind when it is locked up and no idea what you want to do next just for fun. Think we all have been there :thinking: . At...
  9. Pipsmom

    Yikes, this is a good one, but....

    I've been presented with this for repair and after experimenting with different things to remove the damage but always left with haze on the extreme right lady and foreground imformation thats hard to make out. My best guess it appears to be church lady's gathering at a baptism by the pool...
  10. Pipsmom

    Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween

    First time in 3D, excuse the mess with lettering, didn't have clue what I was doing..... Just wanted to wish each and everyone a Happy Halloween
  11. Pipsmom

    Shadow Study

    I have been studying application of shadows for a few days now to enrich my knowledge of direction and how they fall but there are some photo's I get stuck on..... Could one of our Masters explain how to determine what they look for in observation to determine directional path of the sun when...
  12. Pipsmom

    Boy going fishing

    Think I finished this tonight, thanks everyone for helping about the temperature and suggestions also
  13. Pipsmom

    Layer Styles Cool or warm thats the question

    Got a guestion guys and frankly can't decide myself. I'm leaning toward warm...but then again that sky is perfect as cool ..:facepalm: When making a composite how to choose to make it a cool tone like the sky/lake or a warm tone like the sunshine on the boys skin. I just placed this boy in the...
  14. Pipsmom

    Photo Manipulation Ghost Ship

    Just messing around as its another boring Sunday. Not completely happy with it but it wasted some time.. Befores and afters
  15. Pipsmom

    The Guardian of Lost Children

  16. Pipsmom

    State of Mind

    Sunday Project Before AFTER
  17. Pipsmom

    African Elephant's

    Practicing something different with light today..... I don't know just seems off somewhere Before FINAL
  18. Pipsmom

    The Rut

    The theme idea is a stag relaxed with his hind........ But off in the distance little does he know a even bigger stag is approaching silently...... He will soon be caught by with his guard down Before pictures AFTER
  19. Pipsmom

    Hunting Grounds

    This is getting contagious making composites. This one I call Ancient Hunting Grounds.....hint find the Indian on horseback To large to post so click the links AFTER USED PICTURES
  20. Pipsmom

    Composite Fantasy Manipulation Play

    ChrisDesign inspired me yesterday with a master piece he did in Blender..... so that set me off to try and do something Arty in Photoshop. Not as good as his...and still not satisfied with reflections but it was good practice......But boy did I have fun experimenting with blending I encourage...