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    Specific Vector logo Needed.

    Hi just wondering if someone can make this into a vector logo. Thanks in Advance.
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    Save As ?

    Hi just wondering if anyone can help. I have a logo which i have in my pictures folder and put it into photoshop and then went to save it, when I did it comes up with this message, can anyone tell me what it means as I have tried changing the file name and nothing seems to work. Much appreciated.
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    Spec maps

    Hi, I know this is a long shot but does anyone live in Perth Western Australia and is familiar with iracing and making spec maps ? If so would love to have you show me how to do them and would be happy to pay you for your help. Thanks Robert.
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    Photoshop won't open properly

    Hi, When I go to open photoshop ( CC 2020 ) it dosn't open fully so I get no options at the very top of the screen, like windows or help. I have attached a pic to explain what I mean. Thanks Rob
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    Photoshop opens but won't do anything ?

    hi guys, When I open Photoshop my current project loads but the cursor is a lot of little circles and they arn't moving it's like it's frozen. Therefore I can't do anything, I have tried pushing the F key a few times but nothing, also used Task Manager to close photoshop and restarted it but...
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    Paid Need a logo made

    Hi , My friend has had his car sign written and what I am looking for is someone who can make the green sign into a vector logo so I can put it on a race car. Thanks in advance.
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    Specific Edit car template

    Hi I am trying to colour part of a car template. I used the pen tool as I always do to circle a part I want to change colour. I the click on make a selection and it highlights the part I want. But for some reason the whole template becomes highlighted. It never did this before. You can see...
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    Retouch Need it in more Bolder lettering

    Hi , I design liveries for race cars and this logo I was given is too thin and needs the whole thing to be bolder as it dosn't show up very well as it's the naming rights sponsors logo. because and it is on both sides of the car and on the bonnet.
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    Help please

    Hi , I am using Photoshop CC 2019 and designing a car template. I have almost finished it and wanted to move one of the logo a little bit. I highlighted the layer and then hit Ctrl + T as I always do and it highlights the logo and I can resize or move it. But for some reason now when I try...
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    Specific Wanted to be made into a vector logo

    Hi , I belong to this car club and was wondering if someone can turn this logo into a vector logo. Many Thanks.
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    No Text ?

    Hi Guys When in photoshop and I use the text tool I type but no letters appear only a straight line, Is there a setting or something I need to click on? Any help appreciated. Cheers Rob
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    Help with Metallic layers

    Hi guy's , I need some help with metallic layers , I paint car templates and I want to put metallic layers on my templates . So I have the car template and I also have the metallic layers identical to the template. So what I need to know how to do is get the metallic layers onto my car...
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    Sharpness in screenshots

    Hi Guy's , I use a racing simulator called Iracing . During the laps I pause it and take a screenshot of the car. How can I add sharpness to the screenshot to make the car look more life like. I am not very well trained on PS so if you could explain it in detail that would be awesome. I have...
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    Race Car livery help

    Hi, I create Race Car liveries ( not for a living ) and need help in just one particular area. When I place the sponsors name on the side of the car the name covers up some of the door seals which looks pretty bad, how can I have the door seals showing with the lines going through the sponsors...