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    Paid Mock up on Christmas ornament

    I would like these images to be mocked up onto a Christmas ornament. Need the front and back in two separate graphics. Editable vector files would be a plus.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have this old logo recreated in a high-res format. Looking to have an editable vector file.
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    Paid Removing objects in image

    Trying to remove the hand and drink in the background. Also trying to remove the women's hair.
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    Paid Recreation of logo from T-Shirt

    I'm looking to recreate this logo for my band. Unfortunately, the only logo we have is on this shirt. I'm looking to recreate it and have it editable as a vector file. The instruments are a saxophone and a 4 string banjo. Any helps is appreciated.
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    Paid "Veterans" in this style

    I'm trying to have the word "Veterans" spelled out in this font style. However, I can't find the font. It appears to me to be individually drawn as curves?
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have the "Magnifique" text created in an vector file so I can change the color, etc. Crosshair is not needed, just the text.
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    Paid Female Hand Holding Cigar Vector

    I would like a vector design of a female hand holding a cigar in black and white, but I cannot find one. See attached images for examples of what I would like in a vector format.
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    Paid House Vector Design

    I am looking for a house vector from the side (similar to the attached image of the house), in the same style as the attached image with the old man.
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    Paid Digital Logo Recreation

    Looking to have this street painting transformed into a digital logo. Needs to be in vector format.
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    Paid Add elements to PSD File

    I would like to take this basic trap door that I have created and add stairs going down and a wood texture to the white part of the door. I've included a rough sample. I can't quite figure out the perspective. Thank you in advance!
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    Paid Remove person in background

    Looking to remove the man on the left (the one not smiling) in the background of this photo.
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    Paid Specific part of logo recreation

    Hi all. I need specifically the "Quinn's" and the rose in this picture to be recreated (Lost my original files). I have the "Flower shop" portion done in a photoshop or illustrator file that I can provide to whoever needs it.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have this logo recreated in a .AI or .PSD format.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have this logo recreated. The mouse needs to be almost exactly as seen here. The attached logo is what is on the t-shirt and can next to it.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have this simple design seen on this piece of clothing in a digital format.
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    Paid Inserting app screenshots into stock pictures

    I'm looking to insert screenshots of my application into stock photos I have already purchased. I would like 'image1' inside the 'image1' stock photo where the iPad is. And the same with 'image2'. I tried this myself, but I cannot get it looking natural.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have this logo recreated of Jerry Lewis' famous telethon. However, I would like to be able to edit this to change some of the graphics but I would like to have this as a starter. So I would need an editable AI or PSD file. I also need 'MBA' changed to 'SBA' and 'telethon' changed to a...
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    Paid Fix Graduation Tassel

    Unfortunately, when I received my diploma my tassel was turned backwards (you cannot see the 2020 and it is reversed). I have included some other pictures that feature the tassel. If anyone can fix it and make 2020 facing the right direction but also look as natural as possible, it would be...
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking to have a digital version of this logo shown on the hat.
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    Paid Logo recreation

    Looking for help remaking this logo. I have provided the shield, I just cannot get the correct font & decorator line combo.