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    Ghost mannequin with similiar colours (do it smart :))

    Yet another way is to extract the saturation channel after using the RGB> HSL filter and amplify the results with a Curves Adjustment Layer. Magic wand and then maybe a bit of selection smoothing with the Select > Select and Mask Tool All depends on the image which way will work the easiest...
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    Recent Pencil Drawings

    Wow @Rich54 Great work. I think you are being way to hard on yourself. John Wheeler
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    File size difference between open and closed

    Your more than welcome @nurgle I wish the numbers more more meaningful / consistent as they would be more useful for me too. John Wheeler
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    File size difference between open and closed

    Hi @nurgle On the same vein as @[ iLLuSioN ] There are many reasons why the saved PSD file can be different than the reported size within Photoshop. That is normal and you should not expect them to match. There are a variety of settings in preferences that affect the results and PS also...
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    File size difference between open and closed

    Hi @nurgle I have seen a number of reasons for this yet could best be addressed by providing s link to the PSD file on a file sharing site/service Just a suggestion John Wheeler.
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    Car color change - Original Color

    Had a few minutes so thought I would through in my thoughts as well @IamSam about what the OP was requesting. Just so we are all on the same page the HEX numbers just represent in HEX the RGB values applied with the assumption that the color space is sRGB (not important for this discussion)...
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    Suggestions best way to auto batch enhance Tiff images

    If you have any more questions or need other help for this forum just ask away. Other forum members may yet still jump in with their inputs. John Wheeler
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    Suggestions best way to auto batch enhance Tiff images

    @RedDwarf4Ever I am at the same point you are btw. I have 15 years of slides and 15 years of negatives before moving to digital a coupled decades age. Have very little left to sort out before they go to the scanners sometime this year. Lots of memories that I want to make more accessible...
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    Suggestions best way to auto batch enhance Tiff images

    HI @RedDwarf4Ever I lean towards File > Automate > Batch yet either can work. I would flip a coin an get going. Most of the decision making is creating the Action to do the desired procssing with one of those two automation tools. If you try one of the automation tools and don't like it...
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    Suggestions best way to auto batch enhance Tiff images

    Hi @RedDwarf4Ever Both the Batch tool and image processor can run an action where the post processing is done so either could do the job. If you are focused on creating resized output in multiple formats image processor has an edge. I suspect that was its main purpose when originally...
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    Help with making a cutoff line?

    It is hard to follow your description and it probably would help if you shared screen shots of your PS Layer Stack. In the upper image, the black surrounding lines overlay on top of the 514 number. This is done by the black surrounding lines being the Layer above the Black Numbers Likewise, If...
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    Fit image into shape.

    @IamSam Thanks for reposting this technique. I don't know if I can use it yet it is very cool to effectivcely be able to save the Mesh transformation and apply to other images. @PutinHuilo I took a look and see no easy automatic in PS or with an Addin to do what you want espectially...
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    What's the difference between regular filters and smart filters. ?

    That is correct. Filters when part of a Smart Object are names Smart Filters and has all the features for non destructive editing (plus some other feathers as well such as per filter blending mode and opacity setting. John Wheeler
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    What's the difference between regular filters and smart filters. ?

    Supplementing what @IamSam already posted. A Smart Filter is a Filter that is applied to a Smart Object which then makes it editable. Here are some more features to and here is Adobe's helpx page on the matter: John Wheeler
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    Help in removeing notebook lines

    You’re welcome @Maris. min review if my instructions I caught a Mac only command and sid not provide the PC equivalent. I.E. you Cmd click on the Layer thumbnail on a Mac and Cntl click on the Layer Thumbnail for a PC. I usually provide that detail yet missed it this time Best of skill...
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    cleaning up photo using channels

    Hi @RedDwarf4Ever First of all do not be hard on yourself. You are just learning and I am still learning. It improves with time and experience. I think you are seeing the value of doing non-destructive editing. That makes going back and making adjustments that much easier with less redo...
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    cleaning up photo using channels

    Hi @ RedDwarf With prior techniques that forum members have shared, you should get to the point where there is just a thin line down the person leg to address. I took that image that I had and then adding another blank Layer and using the Spot healing tool with a small size just larger than the...
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    Printing t-shirts

    I would be interested as well. I have only had photos printed on cups so far (SmugMug) yet they do not do T-shirts. A recent summary of options I found at this web address yet no personal experience: John Wheeler
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    cleaning up photo using channels

    Hi @RedDwarf4Ever I think you are struggling with a conceptual problem so that might be harder for me to explain since I may not quite understand the source of your misconception. Based on what you said, I will assume that with the Layers that are visible presents an image with which you are...
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    cleaning up photo using channels

    Hi @RedDwarf4Ever If you chose the Flatten option it will only create a single pixel Layer from just the Layers where you have the visibility turned on. A warning will come up asking you if you want to delete the Layers that are not visible. This is not an option just a warning. So its only...