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  1. Vafann

    Photoshop Webdesign info request

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find tutorials and things about designing websites in photoshop? I mean extreme baby newbie step-by-step basic stuff lol. I would like to try, but I don´t have a clue how to do it, and I would also like to know if anyone also knows where I...
  2. Vafann

    Two birds no photos

    I did this completely without photographs. I drew and painted all the different elements individually by hand and then put them together in Photoshop and messed around with adjustment layers and things. I´m not really sure about the composition, I kept changing the bird sizes and moving them...
  3. Vafann

    Fish Head

    I have been messing around with more of my home made patterns, who wants a headache? lol. :)
  4. Vafann

    Using my patterns, "No I´m not kidding"

    I have been making tons of patterns, now I decided to try and use them for something. I used this pattern for this: (I don´t know if I can put them in order, I still don´t really understand the way the uploading thing here works lol).
  5. Vafann

    Easier sharing

    I don´t really know anything about how things like this work, and what is feasible, but I think there should be something here that makes uploading and sharing resources easier. Couldn´t there be the same kind of quick upload icon thing as the tree window, (sorry I don´t know what anything is...
  6. Vafann

    Weird fonts

    I don´t know which forum to put this in, it´s not really graphic design, I just wanted to show a fraction of the weird free fonts I have been collecting lately, I think they could be fun to use in certain circumstances. I have written the names of the fonts with them, I don´t remember all the...
  7. Vafann

    Self portrait #2 Lost in space

    I took the same picture as last time and tried again. I´m a saint :lol: I seriously have to start doing something more constructive.
  8. Vafann

    Another weird self portrait

    I have been totally uninspired, and couldn´t come up with one single idea for any kind of Photoshop project, so I just started messing around with own face.
  9. Vafann

    How to make a pattern preview and post patterns

    Heeloo :) I have just been having a blast making photoshop patterns, I could do this forever it feels like :). I have only made a few as a test, but if anyone would like them, I want to know how to share them. 1- How do I best make a preview of them? 2-How do I post them so that others can...
  10. Vafann

    Gigantic Question mark

    What just happened here? I was writing an addition to this discussion we were having about file sharing, and when I hit submit, the whole thing was gone. I can understand that you might delete questionable links, but why the discussion? If it was in the wrong place then it should have been...
  11. Vafann


    Another bird from a sketch, too loud maybe? :)
  12. Vafann


    My internet connection was out all day yesterday, so instead of sitting in front of the computer, I started sketching some things that all turned out awful. Today I scanned one of them and put it into photoshop, and it turned out at least a bit more interesting. :)
  13. Vafann

    Photoshop Challenge week # 12

    Ok guys, I have been trying to think up a challenge that hasn’t been done yet. What I haven´t seen much at all here, is anyone making any vector shapes with the PEN TOOL ! (Ok don´t scream). I have avoided that thing as much as I can,though I have used it to cut things out with, I haven´t used...
  14. Vafann

    Musical thing

    Just messing around..
  15. Vafann

    Excuse my outburst

    Evil is a scapegoat I can´t stand it anymore, I can´t stand hearing the bu**** spoken by so called devout religious people. I can´t stand hearing the bu**** spoken by society. A child is molested, the world screams vengeance and death to the molester, religious people scream of evil, there...
  16. Vafann

    Rhino Boy

    This makes no sense of course, but I had fun making it lol. It feels to me like something is missing or wrong in the composition though, so if you can see what it is, please tell me. :) I have tried to change the settings to "Bicubic sharper" or whatever it´s called when I shrunk it to see if...
  17. Vafann

    Groovy kitty

    I don´t have Illustrator so I have been trying to learn how to make vectors in Inkscape. I made a couple of shapes and then brought them into photoshop with a picture of my cat lol. I haven´t had time to do any photoshopping lately, but I thought I would at least make something. :)
  18. Vafann

    First try at skin retouch

    This is the first time I have tried to retouch skin. I tried an inverted highpass technique tutorial, and then I tried some adjustments of my own. I was sloppy with the cutting out and the background, I was concentrating on the skin, I don´t know I well I did, is it too exaggerated? :)
  19. Vafann

    help request perspective grid template

    Hello! I have been searching through the internet for about 2 whole days now, trying to find a printable A4 persective/vanishing point grid template that I can print out, and use to learn to draw things with perspective, because I have serious problems with that. So far I have only found 1...
  20. Vafann

    Copy MS Word text to PSD?

    I am trying to do something but it doesn´t seem to work. I have made a background paper in Photoshop. I want to copy a text from a word document and paste it into the paper in PS. I have tried several things, but nothing works. Then I tried to make the paper a png, and insert it into word...