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  1. giorgi

    Specific fix image

    Hi gurus. I was wondering if someone can fix this car image. I mean to make the car defect disappear. Scratches on the door. may be healing brush would be enough. I tried it myself but I can't get an acceptable result.
  2. giorgi

    channel mask-I need some advices

    Hi all. I'm trying to learn channel masking technique and below you can see my not so successful attempt. I changed background with the night sky image. I think I made good mask but as you can see there are some whites around the trees. this is where I got stuck. this isn't look clean and I...
  3. giorgi

    challenge only

    Hi gurus. I would like to offer you beard challenge to share our experience each other. yeasterday we got such request when I find out create realistic beard is kinda hard. I would like to see how others solve this problem. let's create the most realistic beard possible. good for our skills...