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  1. JustThisGood

    TUTORIAL: Cross Processing Effect!

    Hey psg, check out this tutorial!
  2. JustThisGood

    Fisheye Lens effect

    Thanks for watching PSG!
  3. JustThisGood

    Actions 17 Stunning Color FX (Free Action Pack)

    Hey PSG, Check out this video demo: and here is the download page
  4. JustThisGood

    Create Realistic Tape In Photoshop Cs5

    Hey PSG, check out my latest tutorial!
  5. JustThisGood

    Create the perfect Sepia Tone Effect!

    Thanks for watching PSG!
  6. JustThisGood

    Attractive Vista Style Wallpaper Tutorial

  7. JustThisGood

    Intense Autumn Colors

    hope you like Photoshop Gurus!
  8. JustThisGood

    Adding a motion trail to a person in a Photo!

    Hey PSG, hope you enjoy this tutorial.
  9. JustThisGood

    8 Photoshop Tips (That I Actually Use)

    Whats up PSG, Tell me what you think!
  10. JustThisGood

    3d glasses effect in Photoshop!

    hey photoshop gurus check this out thanks
  11. JustThisGood

    SIMPLE Black Red & White Effect!

  12. JustThisGood

    Photoshop Magic! From DAY to NIGHT in photoshop!

    Hey everyone in this tutorial i show you how to turn a photo from day to night! :mrgreen:
  13. JustThisGood

    How put images inside of your text!

    I also go over the basics of Clipping masks in this tutorial Enjoy!
  14. JustThisGood

    HOW TO create the LOMO effect in Photoshop!

    My third PS tutorial. Enjoy :mrgreen:
  15. JustThisGood

    Photoshop Tutorial: EGGS! Color isolation and Layer masks!

  16. JustThisGood

    Brushes 10 Photoshop Burst Brushes (PIC and Demo Vid inside)

    Brushes created by me, for you to use and share how you like! Download link:Burst
  17. JustThisGood

    How to make POP ART in photoshop (with VOICE instructions)

    Download the PSD here: JustThisGood's Photoshop Emporium: Pop Art in Photoshop Tutorial My first tut, kind of weird to talk to the computer, but im getting more used to it what do you want to see next?
  18. JustThisGood

    REMOVING an unwanted TATTOO! (+adding one!)

    Guy told me he didnt like his tat, so i helped him see what it would look like
  19. JustThisGood

    CD cover I made for "The Green Mile"

    Just made the cover for a guy, not my mixtape appealing?
  20. JustThisGood

    8 Retro Motivational Cycling Posters

    These were Done for a client who requested promotional posters for his cycling gear company! Thank You! JustThisGood's Photoshop Emporium: 8 Amazing Retro Cycle Posters They are there as well if this is an unpleasing format to view them in :mrgreen: