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    How to edit a video

    Hi All, Is there a way to create a still photo from a video clip using CS5.1 Thanks
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    Patch Tool Problem

    Hi, I've used the Patch Tool many times in the past but for some reason I can't get it to work right this time. I'm selecting the area that I want to extend and dragging it to it's destination but it does't seem to cover the new area completely. It seems to have a transparency effect to it, the...
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    Lighting Effects under Rendering is no longer there in CS5 on a Mac

    Hi, it has been awhile since I have needed to use Lighting Effects on my Mac using PS CS5, but I discovered that it is no longer there. I Googled it and some of the suggestions were that it will only work if you use 32 bit mode and 8 bits/channel. I tried that but it didn't re-appear in my...
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    Is it worth upgraded- Opinions Please

    Hi All, I presently use PS CS 5.1 for the Mac, and I'm envious of the new tools that are available now in the newer versions. I'm wondering if it is worth the extra money to buy the newer versions or just try to get 3rd party plugins that will do what I want. I like to work on restoring old...
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    Polygonal Lasso Tool

    Hi I'm in the process of selecting the head and shoulders of a person and got about 2/3 rds of the way around which took me a long time when somehow the end of the line I was working shot across and made connection to the beginning point which ended my selection process. Maybe I clicked too...
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    Is there an easier way

    Let's say I have a large photo 24x28 inches, with a group of people on it with the group size being about 14x11 inches. I wan't to create a photo of just the group of people for a 4x6 photo but I don't want to just reduce the large photo as the group would come out too small. Rather I want to...
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    Javascript plugin

    Tried to use Browse in the File menu of Adobe Photoshop CS2 and got this message : Could not complete the browse command because Photoshop was unable to find the Javascript Plug-in anyone know where I can find this plug-in to download
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    Can't load Photoshop CS2

    I am using a MacPro and trying to reload Adobe Photoshop CS2. It had been running just fine until I had to perform an Archive and Install on my machine and then it would work right. At first it wouldn't reload because it detected the old version on my hard drive so I trashed that. When I tried...
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    Odd problem

    I am using a Mac with CS3 and I have this one photo that I have saved in .psd format. I tried to save it as jpeg so I could email it to a friend but when I go to save it I only get about 7 choices of formats and jpeg isn't one of them. I tried some other photos that I have saved in the psd...
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    Typing Webdings

    Is there a way to type characters like Webdings or Wingdings in the text box when using PS.
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    Types caps only

    Hi All, I have a Mac and CS2, I was using the Type tool today to enter some text on a picture and all it would type was capital letters. My caps key was off, I tried different fonts, I tried typing on a new blank page, but it would only type caps. I tried typing on an email to see if my caps...
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    Font shadow

    Hi I must be losing my memory but for the life of me I can't find where it is that I can add a shadow to some text. I just did this about a week ago and now I'm a blank. \:/
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    Gif file

    Does anyone know why Adobe CS2 for the Mac would not be able to open a gif file. I tried to open a gif file by first dragging it to my PS icon in the Dock, from an image site on google and when that didn't work I tried it by downloading the file onto my desktop.? I clicked on PS File>Open and...
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    Photoshop's got gremlins

    Hi All, Happy Holidays to everyone 8} I've been printing out some photos on my? Epson Stylus Photo 820 and using the Automate>Picture Package. I chose to put 3- 4x6 photos in one package but when I printed them out I got 1-4 x 6 and 2-31/2 x 6. I decided to try again but this time chose 2- 4 x 6...
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    Hi all, I just transferred my stuff from my old G4 to a new Mac Pro and I'm having a few hiccups along the way. I had it working ok a few days ago and now I can't use my scanner because that Twaine software that CS2 uses to import from the scanner etc. has disappeared. I've tried to find a place...
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    wierd stuff

    Hi all, I've been working on a 2 layer photo doing a little clone work.? I've been working on this pic for about an hour and all of a sudden I can't get the clone to work.? If I use the lasso tool and select a portion of the photo I get an error message warning No pixels more than 50% are...
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    Vanishing Point or vanishing patience

    This is driving my crazy, I have been using vanishing point to copy a slab of granite onto a counter top to see what it would look like with my kitchen decor. Everything was going along just fine and I got an island countertop covered using the right plane for it but when i tried to repeat the...
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    negative photos

    Is there a way to make a normal photo look like a negative.
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    Colouring or filling an arrow

    How do you give an arrow a colour of if it is big enough fill it with a colour.
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    adding a shadow

    I've searched the forums but can't quite find anything that fits the bill. Usually you try to get rid of shadows in a photo but I want to add one. I'm adding another person to a group and want to get the shadow on one side of the face so that it blends in with the others. I've tried using the...