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    Issue with Creative Cloud for Teams

    Hello everybody, I'm having issues with creative cloud for teams, I'm one of the accounts linked to the main one and logging in the Adobe ID website "Creative Cloud For Teams" is activated but in the desktop app I don't own anything, I can just use the trials. I don't really know what to do to...
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    Looking for pictures to practice on

    Hi! As I have already said in my introduction post I'm new in photoshop, so I need to practice a lot on a lot of pictures. Btw I haven't found any good web site where i can find nice pictures (since all the photos in google images are all already photoshopped) and I hope you could help me. Thanks.
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    Hello everybody!

    Hey there, I've been using photoshop for 6 months, but I started dedicating to it just lately. The tutorials on the internet are teaching me a lot, but I needed a direct interaction with the "gurus" and I think this is the perfect place.:hi: