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  1. bjornlieb

    Paid Remove the leaf from fiances face//eye

    here is my submission
  2. bjornlieb

    Paid My next project

    Hey, I've attached my submissions
  3. bjornlieb

    Paid Paid request

    sending pm
  4. bjornlieb

    Paid Photo mixing job.

    pm sent
  5. bjornlieb

    Paid Face swap Part 2

    hi, here is my submission
  6. bjornlieb

    Paid Face swap

    cropped to 5x7
  7. bjornlieb

    Paid Merge certain areas of 2 photos into one. approx 10$

    payment received, job completed
  8. bjornlieb

    Paid Make abs more prominent

    another try
  9. bjornlieb

    Paid Make abs more prominent

    how is this
  10. bjornlieb

    Paid €5,- (beard)

    pm sent
  11. bjornlieb

    Paid Flyaway hairs - $10 AUD

    let me know if these looks ok
  12. bjornlieb

    Paid $10 Easy Fix

    my try
  13. bjornlieb

    Paid Baby in a whicker chair

    I've replaced the background and
  14. bjornlieb

    Paid Baby in a whicker chair

    no worries, I think the left side is too blown out to recover more detail