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    Specific iOS 16 Wallpaper

    Thinking of something like this?
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    Specific Remove old couple!

    You're welcome.
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    Specific Septum Ring & Frizzy Hair Removal

    Here's a couple ...
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    How to operate Lighting Effects?

    Convert to 8 bit instead of 16 bit via Image/Mode/RGB/8 bit. Did it for me. I In 16 bit mode, the option is greyed out.
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    Specific Remove old couple!

    Another version.
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    Specific Remove White Spot From Image

    Oops. My bad. Just the edit without any explanation from here on in.
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    Specific Remove White Spot From Image

    Another with the edge of the lettering covered to make the top of the weight stand out a bit. Selective sharpening.
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    Specific Person removal

    A bit lighter ... smoother too.
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    Specific Person removal

    You're very welcome.
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    Specific Tiara on my pet?

    You're very welcome. A memorable shot.
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    Specific Dog looking straight ahead!

    About as close as I could get .....
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    Specific Person removal

    Gone with a bit for lighting the subject.
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    Specific Crown on my pet?

    Maybe with a few lighting changes and one less distraction?
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    Specific Insta pic / fix

    You're welcome.
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    Remove black spots from copper statue

    In PS, made a selection of the subject, copied that selection to an alpha channel. used this channel to Select/Color Range selecting the dark areas and with this selection active, used the clone stamp to match nearby areas. Some of the darker areas left for an aging effect.
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    Specific Turns pins horizontal #2

    A few things about the original bothered me, didn't look right, this one in particular. So, here's a version with a few of the distractions removed and maybe a correction too?