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    What happened to PDF automate?

    Trying to get a pdf into PS to edit it as a set of pages that come together and this feature has disappeared. Using 5.5.
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    Tools in reverse

    If Photoshop CS6 has a tool in reverse how do you fix that? For example, I have seen this with the magnifying glass where the default is zoom out instead of zoom in and you have to press alt., but it has happened inexplicably with other tools as well.
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    Photoshop for free?

    Is there something students can do to access PS for free to complete an assignment we've started in class? There used to be a long trial version (was it a month?), but now you can only do the trial for a week! Also, I'm wondering if there are old versions one can download for free.
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    Having a problem with slicing tool

    I am trying to divide up frames from a sprite sheet and separate them into individual files. I am not able to export to web to proceed. Please see my screenshot and assist if you can.
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    Cropping out sprites

    Hi. I am trying to create sprite sheets for a game and I am having a problem. When I try to quick select a background to crop it out and make it transparent around the figure, I am getting a white box around it when I open it in the game engine. Why might this be?
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    Getting rid of Creative Cloud

    Can you tell me what Creative Cloud is? I seem to have picked up a trial version and have no idea when the trial ends. It is annoying with its constant update notifications and I don't think I need it. I have Adobe Web Design and Web Premium CS6 installed, but don't think they have anything to...
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    Loading Photoshop versions

    I have design standard 5.5 loaded on my laptop. What happens if I don't uninstall it and load cs6?
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    Problems with file name

    I had a student who turned in a ps document that didn't have the file extension (is that what it's called?) and therefore couldn't open. I retyped the name and accidently put a Fireworks extension on it. Now it won't open and I am not sure how to change that to a PSD. Is it too late for that file?
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    Best use of Wacom tablets?

    I had these tablets and I have had students use them in Photoshop projects but they seem awkward compared to using a mouse. I understand these tools are primarily for drawing. Can they have any use in Photoshop in specific applications?
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    How can I make changes to elements in an interior?

    Can someone tell me what tools/functions I'd need to change elements in say, a living room image? If I want to put designs or wall paper on white walls, or change the color of the floor or add windows in a way that looks in perspective? Thanks!
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    How do you go about designing logos?

    Can someone tell me what the key tools for making logos would be? Could you share the basic steps or give me a link to a great tutorial?
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    How can you stitch together several images?

    I want students to create different parts of a character (head, middle and legs/feet) and mix and match them. Is there an easy was to do this?
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    How do you put in a colored background?

    I assume there are several ways. What allows for adding patterns as well?
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    Whats smart object?

    When I've selected an area to transform in some way, sometimes I get a message that I can't do it because it's a smart object. I also notice in my layer that there's a little black and white icon in the corner of my thumbnail on the layer. How do I get past this? Thanks!
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    download help

    I have been installing Design Standard from the Adobe site. After I download I am asked to run or save. I choose save and then I am prompted to pick a program to open the downloaded file. I choose Photoshop, the file on the desktop turns into a PS icon and then it runs. But why am I being asked...
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    What's the difference between Fireworks and Photoshop?

    I'm using Fireworks to teach a computer graphics class because I find it a simpler program and therefore easier for beginners to use than Photoshop. After students learn this program we move on to PS. But I've been told that FW is a web-related program. Why is this? It seems to me the only...
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    Looking for help with the process of downloading

    Hello, I work at a school where we have purchased CS5.5 and I am downloading it onto Mac laptops. The process is extremely painstaking as the first download takes around an hour, and I discovered that if I line up more downloads, each one takes progressively longer. I need to download onto 40...