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    Specific Request: Video Machine Template

    May i Also Ask for help for the video game machine template i have this template ... would love it to match mine at home ... could someone try to please maske the template look like my neo geo ... buttons , joystick , color layout ... hope someone can help , Thank you
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    Specific Request: Video Game Logo's

    Hi Everyone just working on a personal arcade project and need help and ideas i have this logo (its a png ) May i Please Ask For you guys help . i would need 4 logos to look like this with 4 diffent names underneath them i need Beat Em Up : Beat Em Up NES Beat Em Up SNES Beat Em Up SEGA...
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    Any advice or Help for myself : looking for Beavis & Butthead or Rocko's Modern Life

    I seem to have had this problem for several years now I have a problem trying to search for HQ ( high quality or big sized ) images from characters from the 90's I see all these shirts that people have heat transfers on to shirts and always wonder where did they these amazing images at...
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    Help with removing text off of an image

    Help with removing text off of an image can anyone help me remove the text please thank you very much in advance
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    Help with a certain font

    i need help to identify a certain font or at least something fairly close to the exact font im look for the font that Steppenwolf uses such as the font on this shirt hope your able to help thank you very much in advance
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    Sonata arctica artwork

    hi everyone ... would love your assistants love this band , but love the artwork better ... any help on eliminating the text from these images thank you in advance
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    I'm looking for a Metallica Photo ( could someone asst me )

    Not sure if I can post this here But there is a Metallica Photo i am really in need of for a project I need a high resolution image at least 1000x1000 or higher if you can obtain a clear crisp image Here are 2 I found on line but looking for a more clearer image If anyone know better...
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    Need a little touch up

    Hi I need some one to blend the edges of a image so it can blend into a black background Here is a sample image, if any one can blend these to images Thank you
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    Photoshop users , could you assist me?

    I would love an image altered .... Could any one help me by editing this image to the faded nostalgic look ( please look at both photos ... I want this image to look like the shirt (In other words , any anyone help me dueplicate this image to look like the one on the shirt ... like...