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    How to create similar picture

    As the title states, I wonder if it's possible to create a similar picture in photoshop or it's made up of different layers of photographs. (Picture attached) Regards
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    Help! - Create a net in Photoshop?

    Hello! I'll jump right into it, found this website and somehow the background really caught my attention. Tried to make myself a copy in Photoshop but not with desired look. Does anyone know if this is made in Photoshop and if, how could i recreate it? (EDIT. It's only the background]...
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    Circle with spikes?

    Hello! I stumbled upon this picture and caught my interest. I've been fooling around in PS but can't figure out how to create the spikes that is the base in the letters. The more central the spikes go, the thicker they get. I found out that using Gradient tool - > Filter / Disort / Wave -...
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    Ai or PS?

    Hey again! I stumbled on this pattern on the wide web. This should be doable in both Ai and PS. I'm using CS5 and will not be able to use the new pattern feature in cs6. Any suggestions on how to do this? cheers!
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    Hi everyone! I'll keep posting questions on how to do stuff if that's okay?! Anyhow, stumbled on this picture on the internet and really love it! So how do I create the this effect thanks! Mod note: Please do not post links to images. Post the images to our server so that they may be...
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    How do I create this effect?!

    Hey Everyone! I'm a newbie here but I'll give it a go! :lol: Since a lot of the other posts have resulted in answers, hopefully you can help me aswell. I'm wondering how I create this effect (picture provided). For all I know it's based from sedimentary stone that later on turned out like this...