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    Restoration Photo needs BG darkening face needs brightening.

    Here is what I came up with. Hope you like the results.
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    Specific Change the person in the photo

    Gave it my best shot. This one was harder than I thought it would be. I hope you like the results.
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    Specific Replace person in photo

    I gave it my best shot.
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    Specific Remove trash cans

    This looked like a challenge. I did my best to keep it looking realistic. I think it looks “ok”, but don’t look to close or zoom in on the deals. Did my best at trying to keep my lines straight. Hope you like the results.
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    Specific Darker consistent lighting for a horror piece

    Not sure if this is what you had in mind. I added Level controls to each component so you can adjust them independent. Also add some drop shadow but the direction will need to match your desired lighting source position/direction. Hope this helps.
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    Specific Remove lady in green dress.

    I was working on a version as well.
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    Specific Remove double chin

    I was also working on this at the same time. Included some noise reduction and sharping as well. I may have removed to much shadow under the chin in this edit.
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    Specific Remove smoke from picture

    It looked challenging, so I gave it my best shot as well.
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    Specific Remove finger and make it look natural

    Rich53 That looks so much better. I thought about doing that, but didn't think there was enough grass area to use. I didn't think about enlarging it to fit. I think the OP should be happy with your results. Thanks for the tip. I always learn something new here.
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    Specific Remove finger and make it look natural

    I gave this my best shot. I am not happy with the foreground grass. Tried several time to make it look natural, but it still looks more like a painting with less detail than a picture. Someone not seeing the first picture may not notice as much as I do.
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    Specific Many Markings On Image To Remove

    I gave the cleanup a shot. Hope you can use the results. Note that the image is currently a 14x9 ratio, so to print at 14x11 the image will likely have to be cropped down.
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    Retouch Remove a guy!

    Removed person on your right.
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    Specific Old Band Photo

    I only saw one image. Tried to clean up, lower noise level and sharpen the image. Hope you like the results.
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    Specific Can this be fixed

    Likely there are many ways to do the same adjustment. I used the Levels adjustment layer in Photoshop, inversed the mask , and only darkened the areas that I wanted by painting white over the light areas. That way the rest of the image in not darkened as well. I could have use the burn tool...
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    Specific Can this be fixed

    I was also working on a version. Second option.
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    Specific Remove the 2 people on the right of the picture

    I am definitely not a carpenter, but I did my best at building a replacement railing by hand. It is not perfect by any imagination, but I got tired and had to stop. Hope you like the overall results.
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    Specific Put a piece of a picture into another picture

    Gave it a shot. See if you like this version.
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    Specific Remove background persons

    I deleted my first edits and updated a little more. Hope you like the results.
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    Specific Person removal

    Background was a challenge, but I gave it my best shot. I had to remove all of the people on the left to make it easier. Hope you like the results.
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    Specific Continue the tunnnel

    Removed light area next to face. Request of OP.