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  1. JeffK

    Photoshop V24.0

    Has anyone updated to the newest version of Photoshop released this month (October 2022)? Overall impressions? Problems?
  2. JeffK

    Mosaic head shot?

    I happened across this image and can't quite get how it was created. I've tried some filters and settings but nothing comes close. My instinct is that of course there's more than one layer involved but I can't nail down the process to create the spaced mosaic/bit mapped look. Appreciate all...
  3. JeffK

    Specific Let's talk about Free Edit Forum errors!

    It's plain silly if you're going to target one particular image and not mention any names when it's quite clear who's image it is. And if the point is to make that particular member better at their work, and considering you're providing detailed critique of only their work, then it's just as...
  4. JeffK

    Printing t-shirts

    Hi all: I have a few designs that I would like to print on t-shrts. I've already done a one-off with an online company but wasn't happy with the quality. Have so far checked out Custom Ink and also Printify for quantity. Any experience that you have please let me know. I'm primarily looking...
  5. JeffK

    Question about Space Jam Logo Edits??

    Curious - why are all these Space Jam requests by new members who we never see again?
  6. JeffK

    Topaz Gigapixe; 6.1 is out

    Hi all: The newest version of Gigapixel is out and can honestly say it upscales to a much cleaner and more enhanced image than in previous version. Have been surprised more than once. It's being offered at a discount - if you're thinking of buying, might be a good time...
  7. JeffK

    Pattern suppression tool

    Hello all: I've downloaded and attempted to use this Pattern Suppression tool - I'm running PS 2022: When you run the tool, you're supposed to get a star pattern looking something like this: Instead, I'm getting a pattern that looks like this: No "star" patterns appear - just a grainy...
  8. JeffK

    Color issues PS to web

    Hi all: I have an odd problem that is really frustrating me. If I Photoshop an image, and make color adjustments, when I post to the forum the edited image comes out much colder. Yet when I look at the forum post on my tablet, the tablet is accurate to Photoshop. Here's a side by side of the...
  9. JeffK

    Photoshop 2022

    Have any of you yet downloaded and used this newest version of Photoshop? I usually wait at least a few months after release like this but I'm tempted to do it now. Any opinions, comments? - Jeff
  10. JeffK

    Learning Illustrator

    Hello all: I'm primarily a Photoshop user - mostly self taught and a contributor to the PS forum here. I've decided to add Illustrator to my workflow. I've been watching YouTube videos and searching for forums that can help me along the way. For whatever reason, most of the videos I'm finding...
  11. JeffK

    Copyright and designer property

    So working on the paid forum, often several designs are posted with different concepts. Once a design is paid, and the final files are turned over to the buyer/OP, I assume all rights to copyright are turned over as well. But what if the design/concept is turned down? Do you as designer still...
  12. JeffK

    Topaz software

    Hello all: Some years ago I had bought Topaz Simplify and Adjust when I first began fiddling with Photoshop. Although I still have the license, I haven't used that software in ages. Recently I bought Topaz Sharpen AI. Maybe my expectations were too high and I'm just not overly impressed although...
  13. JeffK

    Anyone else have trouble connecting to PSG forums?

    For the last few days, when I try to connect to the forums, I get the message that the site is unavailable. I have to keep trying until finally connection or I get the message that the site is currently updating and I'll be redirected - sometimes to the page that says site is unavailable. Maybe...
  14. JeffK

    Restarting a pen path...

    I'm still on a learning curve with the pen tool but getting better at it. There is one major frustration I have and that is restarting an open path. This usually happens when I'm working on a complex path for some time, and the possibly clicking off the path, the path suddenly stops. Here's a...
  15. JeffK

    Edits, face swaps, and Nazis

    There seems to be a growing movement to identify those doctors who are trying to control a pandemic with Nazis. There was an article yesterday with people protesting the wearing of masks wearing yellow stars of David - a comparison to what the Nazis demanded Jews wear while they hauled them off...
  16. JeffK

    Working spaces for PS

    Hi all: In working with an OP's image, I saw that my edit was different in tone working in PS, but when posted, looked similar to the original OP version. Just in depth. I'll also mention that it was posted as a grayscale image. What I noticed is that when I had opened the image in PS, it...
  17. JeffK


    This is one I thought about for several weeks and then spent several days on it. Changed as I went along - sometimes wanted one effect but transitioned to another. Saved and resaved/ Lots of layers - probably more than I needed. :cheesygrin: - Jeff
  18. JeffK


    I returned to PS about 2 years ago and have been self-learning. Been involving myself mostly in digital repairs but lately have been experimenting with composites. Sometimes it just starts with a single action and then builds from there. I don't often have a plan - it just develops as I go...
  19. JeffK

    Trashes, crashes, and dead ends

    Hi all: So Thursday evening, PS starting acting a bit forgetful - either no response or late response on edits, or hanging up entirely. By yesterday morning, when trying to launch PS, starting getting messages about missing dll's. I tried reinstalling, restarting, running disk scans and malware...
  20. JeffK

    Restoring badly discolored image

    Hello all: I find myself on the other side of the fence now with a question about restoring an image. I've tried curves, levels, hue and saturation and inverted colors but I cannot restore the badly discolored right and left sides. Although I'd prefer to save the entire image, I'm starting to...