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  1. sunrise

    music life!

    Finally , after a long time I did this pic ! XD I think this pic is ok ! I hope to advice me about it >> to be graetest :rolleyes: I hope It's the best of my works at the forum :)
  2. sunrise


    i did this pic from a long time , how is it ??
  3. sunrise


    hi everyone , i tried to do anything for this pic like this: what do you think ?? sorry , i can't save it like a heart "not a square" ,if you know how , tell me :mrgreen: then a tried to make it like a frame " i know there's something wrong " that my question , how i can to...
  4. sunrise

    please help !

    hi there, I have a problem with psd programme, i have cs4 extanded . i tried to serch a serail number that i can use it forever. but i always enter the number then i use it a few days and it come back again that i have enter a new number. have U a serial number that i can use psd forever...
  5. sunrise

    Hi !

    hi everyone , i'm new in your world . i'm very happy to be with you . i see photoshopgurus is amazing and can help me to be exllant in phtoshop programme . i hope to say hello 4 me :)