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    Automatically make image tiled across page

    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I am wanting to create a document where the user can add an image into a psd and it will automatically be tiled across the page. I have used a psd before that applied lots of rules to any image and i was hoping this would be possible in my case. I hope this...
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    Recreating Casino style border

    Hi all, My company uses the business cards that are attached and i am trying to make some menu cards and would like to use the purple branding at the top of the card. I don't know how to make this so any help that could be given would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Adam
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    Emboss an image onto a background convincingly

    What i am wanting to do is make the logo on the leather background embossed. I would also like to give it a more leathery look. i have uploaded the background and an example of what i would like it to look something like. Any help would be great. Many Thanks Adam