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  1. axxo

    Challenge 25: Car Chop! Run-off Poll!

    thank you folks that was a great challenge with lots of good entries, cant wait to post a new challenge tomorrow :) thank you very one for voting!
  2. axxo

    Nikki minaj butt?

    this is her before and after "fame"
  3. axxo

    Nikki minaj butt?

    hello everyone, i am just curious of the theories you guys might have on nikki's butt? - for those who dont know her- she is an american "singer"... that dose little singing but is in the "media a lot" this pic was taken during one of her concerts. do you think that is a bad case of surgery?? of...
  4. axxo

    Fantasy Landscape Manipulation

    Make ur pic more "symmetric" from both sides and focus on the front being ur focal point then it will be awesome- thats what i do in mostly all of my pic's :)
  5. axxo

    jewlery photoshop help

    ... good light, erase the natural shadow with PS, add a fake reflection shadow, adjust brightness and contrast... there is actually allot of work put in to that ring, like the inner reflections and ect. but if you have better light that would start it off...
  6. axxo

    Skin retouching with frequency separation

    hmm idk, but to get a good end result, if it was me id use the spot blemish tool and the clone tool afterwards, and download a skin brush and just clone stamp the areas and then dodge and burn as needed for 3d shape illusion
  7. axxo

    Skin retouching with frequency separation

    i think you guys loose too much "skin texture" using this....
  8. axxo

    Challenge 25: Car Chop! Pick your Favorite!

    :) i might switch it up :)
  9. axxo

    Challenge 25: Car Chop! Pick your Favorite!

    good luck :) and thanks for the great challenge :)
  10. axxo

    I supply the before

    free range peacock
  11. axxo

    Axxo's Current Project

    aaaaa lol i got it ... this could have saved me lots of time :) thanks!
  12. axxo

    Axxo's Current Project

    can you link an alpha masking guide :)?
  13. axxo

    Axxo's Current Project

    how did you learn PS? im self thought- still dont know a ton of things ... one thing actually i never got was masks...
  14. axxo

    Axxo's Current Project

    you know even from the early days with pencil and paper i always start with burn- its always set on no more then 9% (of-course i duplicate layers before hand :) but as soon as i feel like the image is "dark enough" then i use dodge for highlight and for more illusions of detail, but i learnt my...
  15. axxo

    Axxo's Current Project

    Hello guys, i just wanted to show you how far the "burn" and "dodge" tools can take you- and how much detail can me revealed by them dodge+burn=contrast let me know which one is better :P
  16. axxo

    Challenge 25 : Car Chop

    thanks! no its the exhaust position - they are off... and couldn't get a "reflection" on the rear fender...
  17. axxo

    Newbie trying to make simple changes to category images please help!

    in other words you want your text to be some what transparent too?
  18. axxo

    What is this called?

    this looks like one of the filters for iphone, you can do the same thing with sharpen, contrast (play with the curves of the light on the image)
  19. axxo

    Creating an Alien Team

    and for people that are just beginning with PS this one was just me messing with different colors and blur options its really fun to explore PS some times you really surprise your self by the outcome.
  20. axxo

    Creating an Alien Team

    i have also been able to "fake 3d" with PS but there is nothing like visualizing a 3d model and texturing that... one day i guess ill learn :) some more of my works more "advanced work"