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    Specific iOS 16 Wallpaper

    Hi, I'm trying to customise a new wallpaper for iOS 16 but cant find exactly the right thing due to quality of the photo I'm trying to use. As a workaround I would like to have an existing photo edited, I would really appreciate it! The photo I originally wanted to use is attached as 'image 2'...
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    A Boring Once, It should be pretty straight forward though

    A boring one*** I have this image, but i need it to be 2560 x 1440 px without being pixelated before I can use it. Would someone mind stitching together multiple images so that it is the right amount of pixels. I imagine this is really straight forward but for the life of me I can figure out an...
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    Minor Edit: Remove Beer Can

    Looks great! The right option I reckon.
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    Minor Edit: Remove Beer Can

    Hello again, Would be very appreciative if someone could remove the beer can and right arm of the man on the right. Not necessarily remove the arm but make it look more natural, at his side or something. Thanks for looking! Will
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    5 photo edits! 3 removals and 2 blurry images

    Awesome, thanks so much for the help
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    5 photo edits! 3 removals and 2 blurry images

    Thanks again! Gedstar, if possible do you think you could get that edge on the cage a little sharper?? In the first image
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    5 photo edits! 3 removals and 2 blurry images

    They look good! Thanks, gedstar!
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    5 photo edits! 3 removals and 2 blurry images

    Hello! I would greatly appreciate if someone could do some touch ups on the attached 5 photos for me, they're quite urgent! Below I will detail what I'm after In the first image I would like the girl in the background removed, as well as what appears to be a black bag on the left In the second...