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    Humor Spoon Holding

    You're welcome, glad i could help ^^
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    Humor Spoon Holding

    Made a try, I was a little scared of recreating the hands so I just made some lame gloves :cheesygrin:
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    Specific Remove plastic bag and make it look like im in the clouds

    Nice job removing the bag Kabak, but I think you forgot the clouds request ^^
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    Specific swap face photo request

    I was bored and made a try
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    Specific Baby face

    Agreed with Kebak, we need pictures of the baby, if you don't have more pictures, maybe sleeping is an option if we found a similar baby searching on google... but there is a high chance of the baby looking too different.
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    Specific Color balance / remove sun wash

    Made a try on the washed face.
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    Specific Chance photo color

    Hi, I made one quick try on the first one, the forum rules say one edit per request, just letting you know in case one admin delete the rest and you don't know why ^^
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    Specific Make my son more photogenic!

    I made a quick try, maybe the best option is adding also the body but I only did the head so if you look at the two pictures the boy is not exactly the same in both XD
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    Specific Please remove arm and dirt

    Nice work ex-teacher, but in case you want to try with a better match, in this post you have the original feet
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    Specific Dog with different background please

    I made a try as well.
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    Specific Face swap Alf to Elf

    I didn't have too much time, but made a try, in case it helps ^^
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    Specific Teddy and Bunny next to a Reindeer

    Made a try aswell.
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    Specific Fix tan / sun line

    You're welcome, glad I could help.
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    Specific Fix tan / sun line

    Quick fix
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    Specific De-shine faces!

    Fast try
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    Need help Making paint splatter on my T shirt look more realistic

    It looks good, I think for a more realistic look I would try to create more blurred transitions on some of the stains, looks too even. There are also two straight lines on top that don't look too good. My english is not the best, so hopefully this image will help to clarify what I mean by...
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    Specific Replace printed background.

    Hi Jeff, nice work on the face and background, but seems to be some problem when zooming, like some zones with a strong grain over the picture (mostly on the hair), there is also some watermark text on the edges of the baby.