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  1. English_Wolf

    I created an action t make luminosity masks on the fly

    I just did not like the way luminosity masks were made and the complexity and repetition of the steps involved. :frown: So... I looked at pre-made luminosity masks and found out they are all the same, marketed differently and frankly not worth the $$$. :evil: I looked at different techniques...
  2. English_Wolf

    Learning photo shop

    As I am learning Photoshop I am taking notes and well, writing a book as if someone was next to me in order to learn... Kinda weird, I know... I need your opinion and advice Here is an extract, that still need corrections:
  3. English_Wolf

    How to customize a brush so that it...

    Well.. I am able to create my own customizable brushes BUT I want more, WAY more. :eek: I want a brush capable of picking up a pixel or a few and transform it/them into a bokeh, JUST WHERE they are. The only tutorials I found are about making brushes, customizing them to do what ever but they...
  4. English_Wolf

    Many photoshop e-books avalable here

    The site seems legitimate. I removed the link EW These are copyrighted books
  5. English_Wolf


    Please do some C&C on this one. Changed the sky, adjusted a few other things using channels luminosity. Posting a link vs an image as I ran into trouble...
  6. English_Wolf

    I know this exist but for the life of me... (recalling a layer selection)

    I cannot remember it. What is the short cut to recall a selection created in a layer???
  7. English_Wolf

    Relatively new to photoshop

    Hello, I am relatively new to Photoshop meaning that I do not know a damned thing and am looking for help via reading, tutorial and examples. I know enough to navigate inside the software, make a digital picture look like vomit and nothing else. I usually learn fast but there are so many ways...