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    How to recreate this matte effect

    I'm a little confused - I'm aware of retouching skin and frequency seperation. I'm more interested in the matte effect - the color correction here.
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    How to recreate this matte effect

    It looks like very simple lighting, however playing around with the tone curves I'm unable to come anywhere near this effect. These are not my photos, they can be found at: Im going a roadtrip soon so I'm really trying to reverse engineer these (and...
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    I have 2 to nail this style

    Well folks, spring break is here and I've got a few weeks to really get down to it and learn this style. Aside from being a very gifted headshot photographer, I really enjoy this photographers style and would love to learn exactly how to achieve this look - then play around with it. I've...
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    Hi all Newbie here

    this place has been a goldmine so far, welcome!
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    Workflow for these types of edits

    last but not least- Obviously it's going to be a little different for each picture, but in general what should I be looking for here? Crushed blacks. etc. love this style and want to play around with it a little
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    Post production portraits

    Tom, thanks for the detailed response. I understand that this is no 1-2 gimmick and will take time to learn and execute properly, and I'm prepared to hammer away painstaking months. With respect to the beauty dish, someone also mentioned to me that it could be a large parabolic umbrella at...
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    Post production portraits

    There is this photographer who's work I really love. He does a lot of portrait shots for actors, but I'm not sure where to start. Obviously uses a sharp lens, but the main thing seems to be lighting and post production. Here is his website: Headshots NYC: David Noles New York City...