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    3D Blender For Beginners - Your First Steps

    This is an easy introduction to UV Mapping in Blender for Beginners! Enjoy!
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    3D Blender For Beginners - Your First Steps

    Blender Beginner - Modeling Step-by-Step Low Poly SMG-09! Next video is about UVs unwrapping !
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    3D Blender For Beginners - Your First Steps

    Here's the 2nd blender tutorial for absolute beginners and we start by learning Modeling step by step. Which means we will see the tools you need to create your objects, and the respective shortcuts. Enjoy!
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    3D Blender For Beginners - Your First Steps

    This is an easy step-by-step Beginners Series that was requested by some of my subscribers on Youtube. The 1st Part I'll explain the basics of the Interface, Navigation, Selecting and Viewing! I hope it helps someone around here, enjoy!
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    3D Tetris Made With Pillows!

    Ey whats up guys, in this video I used soft bodies to emulate a game of Tetris! It's a great way for people to learn about soft bodies in blender and it looks like pillows falling! Thanks and have fun!
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    3D Physics - Fluids Simulation Water Fountain

    Hi everyone, here is a blender tutorial, of the Animation & Physics series, to show people how to use fluids, in this case to create a water fountain. Thanks for watching and have fun!
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    3D Blender - Animation and Physics Tips - Rolling Dices Exercise

    Hey what's up? Here is a nice exercise for beginners and intermediates on Animation and Physics in Blender. We do a quick animation with rigid bodies and create this dices rolling. Thanks and good luck!
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    3D Low Poly Rocks and Cartoon Rocks

    In this tutorial we're going to see two ways to create rocks. The first method is a fully low-poly rock style and pretty easy to do. And the second method is a cartoonish style with round corners. Thanks for watching, hope it may help someone. :cheesygrin:
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    3D Low Poly Skeleton

    Here is the process of creating a low poly skeleton and making sure we get the most important features of each bone. Thanks For Watching!
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    3D Animating a Pirate-Chest

    Learning how to animate with a low poly Pirate Chest. Thanks For Watching!
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    3D Chest-Pirate-Treasure

    Hello everyone, Here is an simple way to create an awesome Chest-Pirate-Treasure! Thanks for watching!
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    3D Lowpoly Skull

    Hello everyone, Here is an easy process to create a nice Lowpoly Skull! Thanks for watching!
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    3D Lowpoly Scenario

    Hello everyone, This is a series of tutorials i'm creating, about a scenario I made for a game. I'm using the scenario to explain some basic and intermediate concepts and techniques about the settings of a lowpoly scenario. Hope you enjoy, thanks!
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    3D Lowpoly Octopus

    Hello for the first time i bring to this session a series of videos I'm making of a scenario called Lost In The Sea. It's for a video game we creating in the company I work. And this Octopus is the first one of the series. Soon there will be videos from, setting the world and materials to look...
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    Old Creepy Halloween Photos Restored

    Hello everyone, Today I bring to this awesome forum a restoration of two old Halloween creepy photos. Here is the Speedart/Timelapse. :cheesygrin: First: Second:
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    Low Poly Portrait - Elliot | Mr.Robot

    Hello IamSam, Thanks a lot for taking the time to review and write your comment. I had the chance to try what you suggested, and it's obviously quite faster. I've taken in consideration your suggestion and created a note in the video, actually created a Poll Question, since YouTube disabled...
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    Low Poly Portrait - Elliot | Mr.Robot

    Hello everyone, I'm here to show you a Low Poly tutorial i have done with the Elliot character from the tv series Mr. Robot. Hope you enjoy guys, thanks!
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    Learn The Basics of Photoshop With This Tutorials. Beginner Level.

    Hi everyone, I'm new around here, and I'm willing to help anyone who needs beginner, intermediate and advanced tips and tricks. To get started I'm gonna leave a series of tutorials for beginners who want to get started and know every tool, or at least know the tip of the iceberg! :wink...