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    Pixelart - Cannot Draw 1 px

    Thanks John. Actually The Pixel grid already ticked. Pencil was 1 px. But It hought I solved the problem in the Preferences menu, set some value in gridline and subdivision boxes.
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    Pixelart - Cannot Draw 1 px

    I think the problem is about Gridline and subdivision settings. Grids doesnt fit to the pixel when Gridline 1 pixel and Subdivison 1 in the settings. Grid fits when I set gridline 1 and subdivision 2.
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    Pixelart - Cannot Draw 1 px

    Hello my friends, First of all Sorry for my weak english. I wanted to start to learn Pixelart on Photoshop. But it draws 4 pixel when I draw 1 px with pencil tool. I configured Gridline every 1 pixel in preferences menu. I choose 1 px pencil size. But it happens all the time like in thew...