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  1. JeffK

    Specific Trace or redraw?

    Bit out of my sandbox, but thought I'd give it a try... As a jpg.... Here is a link to an svg (vector file):
  2. JeffK

    Specific Vacation photo help

    Thanks, Gary! 🙂
  3. JeffK

    Specific Vacation photo help

    I'm nearly 24 hours late I suppose...but I started last nght and was about to give up today when I saw @Babine and @kabak work. But it was an interesting image to work on with lots of old and new tools to try out. I could keep working on it but the afternoon marches on...
  4. JeffK

    Specific Bring out Red Small Print Circling the Red Box on Cover of Book

    Does this work for you...returned as png as per original...
  5. JeffK

    Specific Repair angle and reflection.

    Here's my try...returned as png per original...
  6. JeffK

    Specific Remove Bounce house

    @kabak - there's another girl partially hidden behind can see bits of her head and part of her other foot. Pretty well hidden. I made the same error - amost hit the post button when I saw it on my own image.
  7. JeffK

    Specific Remove Bounce house

    @kabak - a bit too leggy...almost made the same mistake myself... ;)
  8. JeffK

    Specific Remove Bounce house

    There was a lot of distortion on the faces of the people in the background...not much for me to repair there...but bounced the castle out of the house...
  9. JeffK

    Specific Removal of wheelbarrow and lead

    One more crop tighter...
  10. JeffK

    Specific Removal of wheelbarrow and lead

    As per original... Cropped version...
  11. JeffK

    Specific Add Rams Horns

    Me just foolin' with some AI...
  12. JeffK

    Specific Removing plant (leaves) from photo

    Removed distractions and added a bit of a curves adjustment...
  13. JeffK

    Specific CONNMASK layer

    My own interpretation. When I read "mask", I thought of a mask that you can see out of. and others can see the eyes behind it. Seems I was just being over-creative...
  14. JeffK

    Specific CONNMASK layer

    I think you also wanted the background color edited out - I can always add it back in. Saved as png with transparent background...
  15. JeffK

    Paid $20 for Print-ready touch up of Family House

    I don;t know how you;ll use it so not sure of the latitude of changes we can implement. So made minimal changes, cleaned up the image, and set to print 8 X 10....
  16. JeffK

    Specific Haircut fix

    Neatened it up a bit and opened it up...also eliminated the blue cast reflection to your right...
  17. JeffK

    Specific Remove guys from pic

    Another version with some editing if we have that permission...
  18. JeffK

    Specific Remove guys from pic

    Interesting shot....saved as png as per original...