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    Specific Please cover my cleavage.😭

    Nice work Jackal, the black line on her arm is a mistake or have you added a new bracelet?
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    Specific Put a face in the moon

    Made a try just for fun.
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    Specific Remove Nose Rings!

    Made a try. First one more natural, second one with a little bit of IA
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    Specific Vector art/potrait

    Made a try just for fun
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    Specific Add a tattoo

    I wasn't happy with how the Ps text looked on the skin so I tried a different approach, there are some letters that could be better but i don't have time right now.
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    Specific Add a tattoo

    Made a try.
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    Specific 1898 Family Picture

    I'm sorry to say I don't think there is any solution for this photo, there is not enough detail, and even if you apply sharpness to it, will only make the noise and lack of detail worst. Zoom example.
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    Specific Brighten and bring this photo for life!

    Made a try aswell, like Rich already did the natural approach I tried a little bit aggressive one.
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    Specific Remove people from background

    I have to ask..... why did you change the time Mr.Tom? XD
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    Specific Eyes facing camera!

    Is that Jared Leto? I was going to give it a try, but if it is him maybe would be easier to try to find a match to replace the eyes.
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    Specific Background person removal

    There is a weird mistake on her pants you missed Babine.
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    Specific Can anyone please remove the hand from shoulder.

    The op ask to remove the hands from his right shoulder, I think he did it right.
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    Restoration Fix a photo of my grandparents

    Made a try in case it helps. The original size image is too big for the forum, let me know if you want it.