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    Contact sheet

    Thank you for sharing! I may as well contribute too: This is a full-featured replacement for the standard Contact Sheet that ships with Photoshop.
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    File-name on multiple images.

    There are many scripts available for such a task if you search the internet, however, they are all very specific to the images and end-user requirements. So if you can provide at least one before/after sample file that would help me to help you. Font sizing is specific to document resolution, so...
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    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    That is by design, as I didn't know that you had multiple paths. // Get the first/top path from the JPEG file Will you *always* have 3 paths in each file, or could this vary, sometimes 1, sometimes 2 or more etc?
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    Load files into Stack automated action

    Another way, is to call the Adobe script from a script, bypassing the interface: var inputFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select the input folder"); var fileList = inputFolder.getFiles(/\.(jpg|jpeg|bmp|tif|tiff|psd|psb|tga|gif|png)$/i); if (fileList != "") stackFiles(fileList); function...
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    Load files into Stack automated action

    This variation uses duplicate to create normal layers: /* Stacker - Dupe.jsx Stephen Marsh, v1.2 */ #target photoshop if (app.documents.length === 0) { (function () { var savedDisplayDialogs = app.displayDialogs; app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO; var origUnits =...
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    Load files into Stack automated action

    I just stumbled over this old topic. Here are three alternatives. The code is easily adapted from using a folder selection dialog to a static folder. There is an option to align layers vertically and or horizontally which is commented out. This script uses linked smart objects: /* Stacker -...
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    Scripting Create shortcut for Photoshop script?

    If you script is in the Presets/Scripts folder: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2023/Presets/Scripts And is visible under File/Scripts, then it should be accessible to the Keyboard Shortcuts - Application Menus, after Automate> in Scripts> Otherwise, the less-than-ideal fallback would be to...
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    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    Here is my take: /* Batch Copy Paths from JPEG to PSD Files - 2 Input Folders.jsx v1.0 - Stephen Marsh, 1st March 2023 Batch processing added to the following base script: */ #target photoshop (function () { if...
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    Adjusting layer lengths

    Providing screenshots of the layers panel and or a sample layered file would surely help rather than having to assume or guess what may or may not be taking place.
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    Scripting Modify an Action with a script??

    Then you don’t need to delete the hand tool then!
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    Scripting Modify an Action with a script??

    Not recording the hand tool is the best option, just use the scroll bar, navigator panel or keyboard to navigate.
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    Scripting Modify an Action with a script??

    I think that it would be easier just to delete them, drag the steps to the trash/bin symbol in the Action panel, or CMD/CTRL click multiple steps and delete in one go. Yes, one very special script can convert an action to XML, you then edit the XML in a text editor and then convert the XML back...
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    Batch Scale Automation

    Providing before/after sample images would be helpful.
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    Photoshop Batch editing/Ai

    Providing before/after sample images of the garments would be helpful.
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    TIFF to PDF conver

    My solution was here: /* Batch x2 File Sets to Multi-page PDF.jsx tiff to pdf converter
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    script to save png with different layers

    I believe that I posted a link to the Layer Set Saver script. 677 lines of code. The Layer Saver script that you mentioned in post #2 is 1313 lines of code. Different GUI, different options, a different – but related script. There is also the Layer Saver Plus variant that I am aware of. There...
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    script to save png with different layers

    I believe that the following script was created by Paul Riggott:
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    Script error in PS 2021

    Your welcome! Is there a location relative to your Windows user account where you would like the open dialog to default to? Such as desktop, documents etc?
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    Script error in PS 2021

    @chick I have made some modifications to the original script which may help you, there is no need to hard code in the source/destination doc paths: /* Script error in PS 2021 Copy top path from Doc A to Doc B.jsx...
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    Actions Photoshop doesn't recognize percentages when recording... any work around?

    I think that I did it that way to match what was produced by the New Guide Layout command. An updated link replacing the old one, the rule of thirds has been adjusted as well.