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  1. chitkaran

    How to change color

    In addition to the Hue/Saturation, you can also use "Replace Color" option and select the color you want to change.
  2. chitkaran

    Creating Backrounds/Compositions

    To get the effect in your example pic, you can use "Motion Blur" on the image and set the angle the way you want. 1. Make a copy of the image layer 2. Select the below layer and use the motion blur with angle of your choice. (90 degrees for your example image) Repeat this step for the text...
  3. chitkaran

    My Latest Project for Web Site redesigning - check it out

    Hey ya guys, I have been out of PSG for quite some time now. Was just a bit occupied in family matters and office work.. Here's something that I finished recently. A web-site redesigning for 1. Complete makeover for the website. 2. Search Engine friendly content. 3. Logo...
  4. chitkaran

    Anyone have this problem?

    1. Let the Auto-Focus motor do its job before you press the shutter button further down. :eek: 2. Just hold your breath (do not breathe) when you click an image. :rocker:
  5. chitkaran

    Fix my car, please - challenge.

    here's an attempt Paul.... I hope its fixed..
  6. chitkaran

    Photoshoped title

    Is this a freelance request ? or a Freebie ? :eek:
  7. chitkaran

    same car, two edits

    First Pic... After the dirty run on the sand... the tyres are perfect black (clean look).. Add some sand to then... make em look dirty with sand... A sand dust clour around the rear of the car perhaps
  8. chitkaran

    same car, two edits

    Second pic... The car is doing a burnout on the sand... so the Sand dust is perfect... The water is supposed to just show the reflection.. Why is water splashing.. ??
  9. chitkaran


    They are the GODS [innocent] watching us from the heaven...:eek: they don't intervene since we are running a perfect world.... :bustagut: They just sit back, relax - and watch the show :popcorn:
  10. chitkaran

    [Request] Help me with a simple thing

    Here's my version of it..
  11. chitkaran

    [Request] Help please

    Feel happy with what God has made you.... Amen.. !!!
  12. chitkaran

    Brushes How can I do this?

    As they say "All roads lead to Rome".... there are multiple ways to achieve the same thing... you can use multiple tools to get the same result.... Marquee tool Pen Tool Shape tool or... create your own rectangular brush... Choice is yours... point is to get the desired result in the least...
  13. chitkaran

    YUCKY ViGnEtTe!!

    Is this what you are trying to achieve * Create a black background layer * Crop the ball only on a separate layer * Add a layer mask on the ball layer. * Select 'gradient tool' and select 'Radial Gradient' * Have 'White' as the foreground color and 'black' as background color. * Add the...
  14. chitkaran

    Restoration of a 1959 family photo

    The colored version looks nice Paul... thanks for bringing this up... I will try and make a colored version of this pic and see how it looks
  15. chitkaran

    Restoration of a 1959 family photo

    @Chris: Yup , I did see that ir-regular pattern in the final image... but I was too tired of getting rid of it.. (lazy).. It was around 4am when i finished it so mind was already shutting down. Besides, it was just a practise image and i learnt a few new techniques in the process. But Yes, if...
  16. chitkaran

    Fade half of the Image in Photoshop

    Yup, agreed with Sam... masking is your best bet when it comes to requirements like these
  17. chitkaran

    Restoration of a 1959 family photo

    Hey Guys, I have been busy in office work for along and haven't done any PhotoShopping since months. I digged deep in the old family photos and found this pic taken back in 1959. It was in a bad state.. thats where our digital editing comes.. right.. Lolz.. Before And here's how it looks...
  18. chitkaran

    Change the background color of an image

    could you post your PSD here .. ?