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  1. J

    Text from real object

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you again for the help. I've been obsessing over the idea for a couple of days. I have about 20 files of different tries, been watching tutorials and various ideas. in the end I'm pretty happy with the result using a combination of your technique and some ideas from...
  2. J

    Text from real object

    This is excellent, thank you for going to all this effort to help me. I am going to first try replicate what you have done and then will take your advice on getting more images and maybe taking my own images on a plain background. Thank you this is incredibly useful.
  3. J

    Text from real object

    This is my attempt and the ref image beside it. The T kind of comes out like I'm visioning but it doesn't look like you would expect a powder to be piled up, higher in the middle shallower towards the edge. The T was done with a clone tool from the centre of the orange powder in the ref image...
  4. J

    Text from real object

    I'm trying to create a cover for a cook book. I want to use various powdered spices to create text on a table like someone sprinkled the powder on the table in mounded piles, I have images of various spices that would be perfect to use. If i use the clone tool it comes out looking flat or gets...
  5. J

    Specific Please cover my cleavage.😭

    That would be a misplaced arm layer from save in progress version. woops. I really need to improve my naming structure.
  6. J

    Specific Birthday party photoshop request

    My attempt, had to take some artistic liberties on the guys hands to try add some more detail back, hope you don't mind.
  7. J

    Hello :)

    Hi, I'm Alice, I use jackal as my user for most sites. I'm fairly new to photoshop. I first tried it with the free trial a few months ago but only now finally decided to purchase the subscription. I've used open source alternatives in the past but nothing compares to the functionality and ease...