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    Specific Photoshop request

    You need to attach the image to a post for forum members to work on it.
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    Best PC Setup on new build for Photoshop

    Hi @Chief510th It's not an easy problem to track down. I will start by separating the issue if this is a Photoshop problem in particular or a problem with your system as a first step. There are several ways to benchmark your computer to ensure it is up to snuff. Your hardware indicates it...
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    Questions about copy paste and resize

    Glad to hear it worked for you John Wheeler
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    Adding additional adjustment layers question

    You're welcome @John BkNY I agree about it complexity yet the good news you only need to learn enough tools that meet your needs to get good results. I continue to learn about PS as well :)
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    Adding additional adjustment layers question

    Hi @John BkNY All forum members can see your above post, so you don't need to do anything else. For my first response, let me show you two ways to approach what I believe would work for you. After that, if you need specific comments about the Layer Stack you have shared, ask. First, if you...
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    Check how many gradations of color are in the image

    Hi @putin Sorry about the confusion. I don't always provide high-clarity explanations. To reduce that bit depth of an image it is very akin to what the Posterization Adjustment Layer does. Reducing the bit depth resolution or number of unique "RGB" combinations that are allowed. When you...
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    Adding additional adjustment layers question

    Thanks and you're welcome @John BkNY John Wheeler
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    Crop tool - specify size of crop

    Here are the steps I would take. I did leverage your image, starting with an 800x800 template with the smaller square internally: I created a rectangular selection around the inner square with ratio 1:1 (though you could must do it manually by stretching instead). I used Cmd+J (Cnt;+J on...
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    Adding additional adjustment layers question

    Hi @John BkNY It would help to see a screenshot of your Layer Panel. You have an excellent description of the first three Layers, yet then you are adding Layers, and it got a bit confusing to me (though I may be easily confused :) ) Here is what I can suggest without the detailed Layer...
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    Specific Image edit request

    Hi @Sf1995 / Steve Here is my try John Wheeler
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    Specific Blurry Image

    Hi @Landlocation Here is my try John Wheeler
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    Check how many gradations of color are in the image

    Hi @PutinHuilo Conversion from 16 bits to a smaller number of bits is very similar to the effect of the posterization filter. The approach to do: - First, linearly reduce the value of all the pixels. This truncates the lower bit values - and then increase those reduced values back up to the...
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    Check how many gradations of color are in the image

    Hi @PutinHuilo Again, I am not a color scientist, and there are many disciplines where they use their language regarding colors, such as shades, tints, etc. There are also several color models, such as RGB, HSB/HSV, and HSL. You might want to give those a look if you need more details. If I...
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    Filter to sharpen pixelated images.

    Nice results. I am using TopazAi 2024 version 2.2.2 John Wheeler
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    Check how many gradations of color are in the image

    Here is a visual that I think helps show why banding is a longer transition in some cases vs others. This is just a square image with a horizontal rainbow gradient and a vertical black-to-white gradient set to multiple. The distance as you go from the bottom to the top (Black to Highly...
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    Filter to sharpen pixelated images.

    Hi @Love_N_Thunder Thank you for the extra details of what you are trying to achieve. Giving full recommendations without seeing the whole project/picture is hard. So first, let me clarify. Whether it is any of the pieces of software you mentioned in your first post or using TopazAI, having...
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    Filter to sharpen pixelated images.

    HI @Love_N_Thunder As another example, I took your left image (starring image above) and showed it below the result, getting it up to 3600 pixels on a side in Photoshop. (screenshot) It may seem counter-intuitive yet here are the steps I took: - Started with your starting image (note the...
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    Filter to sharpen pixelated images.

    Hi @Love_N_Thunder The filters you mention are pretty specific to increasing the size of very small pixel art to larger (usually integral amounts) sizes. They are often done with limited colors such as the mode of "Incexed Colors." It is a pretty specific look and feel beyond just using...
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    Make multiple exposure stacked image on computer?

    Yes, it is possible. The specifics may depend on the types of images you have. The most common approach I have seen is to stack the images using the Screen Blend mode and adjust the impact of the various layers by adjusting the opacity slider. I bet there are other ways, yet I thought it was...
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    Check how many gradations of color are in the image

    HI @PutinHuilo I will show you how to demonstrate the difference in high-bit vs. lower-bit images and the difference it makes. You could use the same technique on your images. However, you may not get the desired results you seek. The original raw image must be extremely low noise and sharp to...