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    Specific Photoshop request

    Another version .. And one with less distractions for fun
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    Specific Add Blue Jacket and Plain Tie

    Playing with AI amongst others ..
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    Specific Bright leash

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    Specific Another trophy request

    In PNG format ...
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    Paid Remove hand $10-$15

    Payment received and file uploaded. Thank you.
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    Specific hat and background

    In PNG format.
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    Specific Quick fix request.

    You're welcome.
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    Specific Trophy #2

    A different perspective PNG.
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    Specific Please edit this Trophy!

    In PNG format on a transparent BG.
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    AI - good or bad?

    I can recall pulling one of those bars over anything that was green around our house. Now that's going waaay back. :^)
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    Remove Twig

    Perfect Sam. The 'jumping back and forth to the original' is sound advice.