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    Colored and even picture

    Thank you, Pipsmom! Appreciate it!
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    Colored and even picture

    Thank you so much, Tony! I appreciate your help!
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    Colored and even picture

    Hi guys! I just need your help restoring the picture. Can we make this colored and make it even? I've edited the guy on the far right. I just want it to become realistic and don't look edited. Appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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    For husband

    Hi! Can someone help me edit our pictures? My husband is overseas and would like to surprise with a picture together at the beach. Can you make it look like he's beside me? I would really appreciate it. He's the guy wearing a blue shirt. Thank you in advance. ☺️
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    Photo removal and replacement

    Hi! New here in the forum. I just need your help editing these pictures. Can you please remove the first two guys on the left and replace the woman's picture with mine? The guy on the far right wearing blue shirt would be retained and please add my picture beside him. So it would look like it's...