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    Remove and Replace Bowtie

    This one is somewhat difficult. Once you remove the existing bow tie, you need to rebuild what's behind it. There are three separate sections to rebuild: the jacket lapel, the shirt collar and the shirt placket. You'll need to use the Pen Tool to create precise paths for masking and fitting all...
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    Sluggish Response Time in PSG

    Ah, that explains it. My sympathies. I have a special loathing for internet hackers.
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    Sluggish Response Time in PSG

    Anybody else having trouble with the PSG website? For about a month now, I often experience very sluggish response. Opening the website can sometimes take upwards of one minute. Once I'm in, it's often very slow navigating among the forums and threads. I'd say this happens about 50% of the time...
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    Creating a Zoom Effect

    Hi, Often, when you get an error message saying "selected area was empty", it may mean that you have activated an empty layer, rather than the layer that you're trying to copy from. In the image below, I made a selection around the giraffe's head and tried to copy it, but because Layer 2—which...
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    How to achieve 3D cut out from text effect with shadow

    Yes, this makes sense. (Your demo image here looks even more difficult than the original edit. Very cool.)
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    Specific Adjusting brightness after color correction

    I have no particular expertise about printing, but I can share an observation. For many years, a friend and I collaborated on an annual music CD. I did all the CD cover artwork in Photoshop and for the first several years I was always disappointed in the printed version. It always looked dull...
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    How to achieve 3D cut out from text effect with shadow

    @IamSam, I'm wondering about your reflection, specifically how it treats the two letter g's, which hang down below the other letters. It seems to me that a reflection implies that there is a surface upon which the reflection is projected. Most of the time, that surface would be a flat plane...
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    Specific Large print at print store = to dark

    If you are looking for ways to increase the brightness while leaving the Astemo title alone, there are many ways you could do that. Here is a simple one: Add a Levels adjustment layer. Move the midtone slider to the left, as shown below (where red arrow is pointing). In the layer mask of the...
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    I’m trying to figure out how to shape font in a particular way.

    I thought I knew all the text transformations, but I guess in 15 years I never investigated "Bulge". Definitely easier than the warp tool.
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    I’m trying to figure out how to shape font in a particular way.

    This is optional, but I found that it helps achieving symmetry if you temporarily activate the grid for some guidelines. Go to View>Show>Grid. Then I took your image and temporarily reduced the opacity way down, so that I could see the baseball seams and also clearly see the gridlines. On...
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    Making and image distorted automatically after pasting into Smart Object Layer?

    What I said above is correct, but I didn't explain it very well and omitted a key concept. For your gray layer in your Step 1, do not shape it to the cup. Instead, make a rectangular selection that gets as close as you can to the shape of the cup, like below. Fill that selection with gray on...
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    Making and image distorted automatically after pasting into Smart Object Layer?

    Yes, a smart object will do that. In your step #2, double-click into the smart object and apply your warp adjustment to Layer 1, the solid gray shape. Once you've done that, insert any new image into the smart object, above the gray layer. Save and close the smart object, and your new image...
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    Specific Need to merge these two photos

    Not sure how big the pineapple should be compared to the elephant. In reality, a pineapple would be much smaller than what I've shown here, but then you'd barely see it.
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    Is there a way to magic erase/get transparent background for an entire photo?

    Let's say you start with something like this and you want to erase all the black holes. Activate the Magic Wand tool. Make sure to un-check the box that says "Contiguous" Click the Magic Wand carefully onto one of the black holes. You should get a selection of all the holes, like this...
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    I'd Like Some Help Finding Scratched Backgrounds

    There's a guy named Eric Matyas who posts about once a month to this site. He compiles a free library of sounds and textures. The textures are mostly things like wood, stone, metal, etc., but possibly some of them might work for you...