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  1. Todoroki16315

    Specific Brighten, hair, mirror

    Hey. If possible, could you paste the selfie I took onto the face in the other picture and make the lighting match and make me looking forward. If that doesn’t work, can you just take the hair out of my eyes, brighten up my face a little, and mirror just my face. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Todoroki16315

    Specific Smooth skin hotter

    Can you make me look hotter in this picture but don’t completely change me face. and make my skin smoother. Thanks so much.
  3. Todoroki16315

    Specific Make face look nice and change lighting

    Thanks a lot. This is perfect! 👍
  4. Todoroki16315

    Specific Make face look nice and change lighting

    Hey. I would like you to make the lighting on my face look very natural and make me look very handsome. Could you also blur out the background if possible. Thank you.
  5. Todoroki16315

    Specific Beach

    Thanks. This is awesome!
  6. Todoroki16315

    Specific Beach

    I wanted to know if you could photoshop me onto the beach. Could you also make my skin look nice and make me have muscles and abs. Not too much, just make me look lean. Thank you!