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    In need of someone's photoshop expertise!

    Ok, I stand corrected! Thanks for making a point of showing me firsthand. Sometimes it's hard to see the proportion with the naked eye! Fantastic job guys! Thanks so much!!
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    In need of someone's photoshop expertise!

    John, Argos did a great job covering the sock/sandal. I feel as if the shoe looks bigger than what his actual foot looks like in the original image. It just looks a little disproportionate. Any chance you or Argos could make the shoe on the left smaller to match the original size more? Still...
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    In need of someone's photoshop expertise!

    Hello! I'm very glad I came across this forum. I hope I'm doing everything right and following guidelines. I'm a n00b. I have this photo my best friend gave me of her husband and her youngest son. As you can see, it's a very good photo of the two of them. Sadly, her husband has a habit of...