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    Print out of place

    yes thats the paper, thanks for everything, i was thinking to leave the extra half like that (blank) but my wife asked me to do a stroke all around, there is when i notice the paper has half in extra, and wanted to use that extra half, is ok for me if i can print it loosing some quality, just...
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    Print out of place

    Let me try to explain better, see the pic? On the package of the photo paper the size is 4x6 but when i messure it is 4x6.5" (kodak) on photoshop is no there such a 4x6.5" size, so i pic 4x6, everything is ok, 'till i print it, if i make a 4x6 document and i make a stroke like the picture, will...
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    Print out of place

    Hi to everyone, i am trying to print a document borderless in a photo paper 4x6" i did make a stroke, but the paper photo a have gor some reason the size is 4x6.5" and when i print it, just print 4x6 leaving a space on the botton, if i change the document on photoshop to 4x6.5 the stroke print...