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    Cut images

    Keep in mind that the old ImageReady code used in Save for Web (Legacy) has a 8,192px input limit on the longest edge – so if your file was say 16,384px on the longest edge it would be scaled to 50% size before the slices are saved.
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    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    The following 1.1 updated version of my previous script will retain the Clipping Path setting from the JPEG file to the PSD (however the flatness value isn't known and is blank). /* Batch Copy All Paths from JPEG to PSD Files - 2 Input Folders.jsx v1.0 - 21st April 2024: Stephen Marsh v1.1 -...
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    SEARCHING FOR: RemoveBlack.8bf / RemoveWhite.8bf

    The following topic may be informative: I create an English version of the Japanese action to create transparency and partial transparency from white or black...
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    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    Apologies, I just stumbled over this old topic and realised that I never replied. The two previous scripts were misnamed, they only batch copied the top/first pathItem[0] from the source to the destination documents. This updated code will copy all paths, whether the count is 1, 2, 3 or more...
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    Scripting Simple script using ChatGPT to reset ruler settings

    Thanks for linking to my GitHub! The original code came from an Adobe Employee, Tom Ruark, it is esoteric and complex, making use of AM code (Action Manager), not DOM code (Document Object Model)...
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    Scripting Simple script using ChatGPT to reset ruler settings

    Generative pre-trained AI software is only as good as the sample/training data ingested... And sometimes it just makes stuff up to be "helpful"! :] It's early days for these tools and they often produce garbage code... Or code that is 90% accurate but the remaining 10% is rubbish and therefore...
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    Where to begin with PS scripting for noob?

    Here is an example of a self-contained script that will save JPEG files with the file name in the lower right from selected input files. A sub-directory will be created titled "Filename Added" to ensure that the original files with the same name are not overwritten. #target photoshop // Save...
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    Script with Generative Fill Batch Script

    You will likely run out of generative fill credits very fast!
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    Where to begin with PS scripting for noob?

    Adding to this, there currently is and will be some future overlap in time where the old ExtendScript will still be workable, however, the writing is indeed on the wall and UXP is the new heir to the throne. At some future point in time, Photoshop will not support both methods and only UXP will...
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    Where to begin with PS scripting for noob?

    If the script is installed in the program folder presets/scripts folder, then it will be available under File > Scripts when you record the action. If the script file is located elsewhere, record the action and use File > Scripts > Browse to record the execution of the script. ExtendScript...
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    Where to begin with PS scripting for noob?

    As an example, the following script will add the filename to a single document. One can then record the execution of the script into an action, then use File > Automate > Batch or use the Image Processor or Image Processor Pro or other batch scripts to run the action and save the file to various...
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    Where to begin with PS scripting for noob?

    Unless you're French, Actions and Scripts are two different things. Even if you are French, they are still two separate things, even if they share the same name! :] Although it is possible to record the execution of a script into an action to perform a task that is outside the scope of...
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    Script is not working!

    The first step for troubleshooting is that one must follow the "four rules"...
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    Embedding an Image

    Another option is to use the frame tool to create a rotated placeholder.
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    Batch Automation 2 Folder action

    I made a quick edit to an old script as an example. This saves as JPEG, but it could be any format that is required. It's just a start point as everybody has different requirements so it's hard to offer generic code. /* Combine Images from 2 Input Folders to Output Folder as JPEG.jsx...
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    Batch Automation 2 Folder action

    You'll need a script to combine images from two separate folders and save to another folder. I have created many similar scripts. How are the files named in each folder? Is there a logical, consistent pattern to the naming? Example: Folder A: 001A.png 002A.png 003A.png Folder...
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    Actual Pixel Count in a channel

    Yes, I can send you back the results from your sample file. Ideally this would be a file that has already been accurately costed with all ink consumption costs and ink mixing volumes recorded. Working backwards from, reverse engineering a known result is of course much easier than trying to...
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    Actual Pixel Count in a channel

    I have taken a quick look. The gray levels are proving to be an issue... If each spot channel could be converted to a halftone, then the calculation used in the method that I am exploring would work as there are only white and black values. The screen frequency LPI would of course have some...
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    Contact sheet

    Thank you for sharing! I may as well contribute too: This is a full-featured replacement for the standard Contact Sheet that ships with Photoshop.
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    File-name on multiple images.

    There are many scripts available for such a task if you search the internet, however, they are all very specific to the images and end-user requirements. So if you can provide at least one before/after sample file that would help me to help you. Font sizing is specific to document resolution, so...